It’s the Ebro Poker Room Sucker Punch Sally Give-away!



Recently, the Ebro Poker Room, in addition to the cash that has been given away, has also given away two Harley-Davidson Sportsters! All you have to do is sit down tonight at a poker table and try to make the highest hand in 15 minutes. The high-hand winner gets $50, and if they have the highest hand in the half hour they will receive a key that could potentially start the bike! Don’t worry, if you have not been there to win, the fun’s not over. Saturday could be your day to have a chance to win because the poker room is doing all over again. You could have a chance to win a Sucker Punch Sally; one of the hottest Choppers made! The bikes will be featured at Thunder Beach and are worth more than $20,000.

For more info contact the poker room at (850) 535-4048.

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