Emerald Coast Poker Championships Sept. 14-20 at Ebro


A three-day, $800+$50 championship event highlights this year’s Emerald Coast Poker Championships at Ebro Greyhound Park in Ebro.<br id="o4bz" /> <br id="o4bz0" /> Tournaments begin Sept. 14 with a $100+$10 Ladies-Only no-limit hold’em freezeout event. Single rebuy no-limit events are scheduled for Sept. 15 ($250+$25), Sept. 16 ($400+$35) and Sept. 17 ($300+$30).<br id="l_3m" /> <br id="l_3m0" /> The Emerald Coast Championship freezeout event splits entrants into two starting days – Sept. 18 and Sept. 19, with the final 40 players reconvening on Sept. 20 for the title.<br id="lnd4" /> <br id="lnd40" /> Oaseas Resorts in Panama City Beach (850-249-0109) is offering special room rates for players.