24 Floridians still alive in World Series Main Event



Twenty-four Floridians still have their dreams of being the next World Series of Poker Main Event champion alive as Day 4 kicks off today. John Goesen of Clearwater leads the Floridian pack with 575,000 in chips.

Eight other Floridians made the money before being eliminated on Day 3, including Joe Conti of Boynton Beach, who went out in the first paying spot (666). The cashers so far:

481. Benjamin Sprengers, Plantation, $25,090

568. Rickey Welch, Bartow, $23,160

570. Kermit Mallette, Pensacola, $23,160

601. Benjamin Zamani, Boca Raton, $23,160

604. Sharon Levin, Aventura, $21,230

610. Berk Aydin, Palm Harbor, $21,230

618. George Adams, Pensacola, $21,230

666. Joe Conti, Boynton Beach, $21,230

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