Seth Fischer of Palm Harbor finishes second in World Series Event #31



Seth Fisher of Palm Harbor was the runner-up in the World Series of Poker’s Event #31 ($2,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em), which had 1,012 players. Before taking up poker, Fischer played college basketball and attended Emory University in Atlanta.

Manelic Minaya of Tampa cashes for the fifth time, and Jason Mercier of Davie and Christopher Dombrowski of Dade City for the second time each.

<strong>Florida cashers</strong>

2. Seth Fischer, Palm Harbor, $330,519

15. Jonathan Honig, Boca Raton, $19,086

22. Jason Mercier, Davie, $15,594

34. Scott Zakheim, Davie, $9,775

37. Manelic Minaya, Tampa, $8,379

51. Michael Glasser, Boca Raton, $6,284

69. Christopher Dombrowski, Dade City, $4,655

74. Bobby Bradley, Wellington, $4,655

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