Ariel Soffer of Hollywood final tables World Series Event #13



Ariel Soffer of Hollywood finishes 7th in the World Series of Poker’s Event #13 ($2,500 No-Limit Hold’em), which had 1,397 players. Adam Katz of Delray Beach bubbled the final table, and Benjamin Zamani of Boca Raton picks up his second cash of the Series.

<strong>Florida cashers</strong>

7. Ariel Soffer, Hollywood, $107,639

10. Adam Katz, Delray Beach, $38,236

13. Jason Mercier, Fort Lauderdale, $30,203

19. Adam Been, Tallahassee, $17,351

20. William Ragatz, Orlando, $17,351

53. Benjamin Zamani, Boca Raton, $9,961

66. Jeffrey Tomlinson, Jupiter, $8,033

68. Peter Moore, Fernadina Beach, $8,033

86. Tristan Wade, Boynton Beach, $6,426

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