Michael Laake poker strategy

The ugly truth about poker tournaments

Chad Batista was a young Internet grinder and an up-and-coming star in the poker world. He was cocky, bold and fearless. I first met...
Michael Laake poker strategy

Is this a spot to slow-play your poker hand?

About once a decade, we’ll hit a flop so hard that our only objective the rest of the hand is to get as much...
Michael Laake poker strategy

How to chop like a poker pro

Often, when you get six players or so at the final table, people start to get nervous and uncomfortable. So, rather than play short-handed,...
Michael Laake poker strategy

Starting your final table in a poker tournament

Over the previous months, I discussed a lot of the ways I approach tournaments and how to help get you to the final table....
Michael Laake poker strategy

Making final-two-table adjustments

When entering a multitable tournament, the obvious objective is to win. Making sure you give yourself some opportunity to win the tournament is important. When...

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