Chapter 2 Ep. 25 Independence Day, Rad Poker and Poker HOF



I am borrow the talents of family to start the show… Thank you guys, and I continue by inviting poker ambassadors from around the world, not just the US to join the Ante Up team. We have some space left on the Ante Up Poker Cruise and want I want to see all of you there. Elle and I talk about the crazy hands early on at the WSOP and the Poker HOF nominations. (More about that at the end with “Joe’s One Outer.”) Nishon joins “Table Talk” as well to talk about some exciting things going on at RadPoker. (Spoiler alert, we are going to have an Ante Up series on the site) Click the link here or below to get started. Elliott and I talk about this year’s TDA Summit during the “Call the Floor segment. Then he rules on a situation where a player didn’t see a raise and decides that with the new information wants to go all-in. Patrick, our resident “fish”, joins us again on “HOTW” to break down another Pineapple hand. I end the show by giving my pitch for Matt Savage getting into the Poker HOF this year during “Joe’s One-Outer”

RadPoker, Fast heads up poker and an Ante Up Poker series to boot. What’s not to love.

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Joe Scales

Joe Scales