How to Consistently Beat NL20 Poker (Works on All Sites)



NL20 games can generate major profits if played correctly. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide proven strategies to enable NL20 domination across all online poker sites. Master these techniques to obtain a decisive and long-term edge, even against thinking opponents. Let’s get started!

1. Play Premium Hands & Tighten Up Your Range

Success at NL20 starts by only playing premium hole cards that have significant equity potential post flop. Hands like:

  • Pocket Pairs (especially 99+)
  • Big Suited Broadways (AJs+, KQs+)
  • Big Off suit Broadways (AQ+, KQ+)
  • Suited Aces (A2s-A5s)

You should play around 15-18% of hands preflop from most positions, and 20% from the Button or SB. Any more than this, and you risk bleeding money to players holding higher card quality.

Identify player types who frequently overplay hands like small pocket pairs or suited connectors. Target them for value by isolating preflop and betting big on high card boards.

Continually evaluating table dynamics allows adaptation of your preflop strategy to capitalize on recreational tendencies. But keeping a generally tight strategy builds the foundations for big profits through skillful post flop play.

2. Raise Preflop For Value & Fold Equity

When dealt a premium hand, make sure you open raise preflop rather than limping. A 3bb raise from EP, 4bb from MP and 5bb on the Btn/SB creates solid value.

Raising accomplishes two goals:

  1. Build a bigger pot when you connect strongly with the board
  2. Fold out hands with dubious equity that may outdraw you
    Preflop raising is particularly effective against loose passive opponents who routinely limp/flat with weak broadways or small pairs. Repeatedly isolate and apply pressure to these players post flop.

3. Continuation Bet Most Flops For 1/2 to 2/3 Pot

After raising preflop and the flop falls relatively dry: fire a continuation bet almost always. Bet 50-65% of the pot size.

Recreational players whiff most flops after calling your PF raises. They also routinely fold to a single large bet instead of floating or raising.

You’ll take down the pot right there on the flop every time villains miss. This directly exploits the biggest leak in most losing poker players – limp/folding too often. Easy game!

4. Double Barrel When You Pick Up Equity

Suppose you continuation-bet the flop but face a call rather than a fold. If the turn pairs your over cards, completes a flush draw, straight draw etc – fire another large bet.

At NL20, opponents frequently chase draws or call with one pair type hands. When you improve to stronger equities like two pair or better, keep up the betting assault.

Many recreational players make desperate bluffs on later streets trying to push you off marginal made hands. But by double or triple barreling, you force opponents to fold or put their whole stack at risk.

5. Learn Player Tendencies And Adapt

Every poker table has at least a couple weak/tight players and a couple loose/passive players. Learning to identify and exploit these tendencies is hugely profitable.

Weak/tight opponents only continue with very strong hands and fold everything else. You can relentlessly steal their blinds plus value bet thinner for big pots post flop.

Loose/passives call down with extremely wide ranges but fold to large turn and river bets unless they actually hit value hands. Continually bet big when equities favor you against these types.

Mastering player-specific adaptations builds on the core concepts already outlined above and leads to truly crushing results.

Best Online Poker Sites For NL20

NL20 games run around the clock on most sites that offer real money poker, offering great opportunities for profit once you implement winning strategies. Here are top recommendations:

ACR – Huge player pools across all limits and the softest/most recreational player base overall. Great for building a poker roll.

PokerStars – Biggest site gives access to lots of fish who treat poker as gambling rather than a skill game. Ideal for exploiting lack of fundamentals.

BetOnline – Smaller site but still good action 24/7 up to mid-stakes. Many bad regulars to target.

Joe Scales

Joe Scales