Software Behind Live Dealer Casinos



Casinos have evolved substantially over time. What originally began as minor games between a handful of people developed into huge structures with thousands of visitors each day. And then the internet changed the game.

Now, you don’t have to visit a real casino to get the real casino feel. Thanks to live dealer casinos, you can feel as though you are right there on the floor at all times. That is all possible because of a few key pieces of technology.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

At virtually every live dealer casino right now implements several key types of technology. One of the more recent implementations includes optical character recognition (OCR). Online casinos use this technology to predominantly recognize the cards. That said, it is helpful at recognizing other elements that are used in your average online casino game.

The use of this technology is great because it ensures that not only is everything accurate, but also fair as well. OCR can help to detect any potential errors and eliminate the discrepancies that would have otherwise potentially plagued the experience. Players don’t think much of it as they play each hand but without OCR, online casino gaming would be nothing like it is now.

Video Streaming

Perhaps the most common piece of technology used by online casinos is video streaming. We know how prevalent this form of technology is in other forms of entertainment, but online casinos use it to stream the live feeds that have become the staple of live dealer casino games.

Remember, live dealers have a real dealer that sits at a real table dealing out the action. With high-definition cameras streaming the action, players can view each hand in real time. This makes it possible for players who are watching the action to interact not only with the dealer but with other players who are viewing the action as well.

Advanced Encryption

What many casuals don’t quite realize is that playing at a reputable online casino is as safe as it has ever been. There is this misconception that providing private information to an online casino will eventually lead to a breach that leads to a loss of information and even money.

The simple fact of the matter is that virtually any reputable online casinos is as safe as can be. This has to do with advanced encryption technology, which scrambles transmitted data. That makes it virtually unreadable to third parties or hackers who try to compromise that information. The result is a safe exchange of data and information without the worry about it being lost in the process.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

One of the most commonly asked questions about online casino is, “How do you know that the odds are fair?” The simplest explanation is through the use of random number generators. Online casinos make use of these to ensure that the outcome of each hand and game is not predetermined and is totally random each time. This ensures that gameplay is totally fair for all players with no influencing factors.

RNGs make use of complex algorithms in order to generate random numbers. Each game has a fair outcome as a result. For players who are dubious about whether they can possibly win, online casinos aren’t going to risk their reputation, penalties, and fines by “rigging” the games.

There are other forms of entertainment that have had a major impact on the online casino experience of today. When you play, it is hard to not notice the various technological implementations that have made the modern casino experience what it is today.

Tyler Darby

Tyler Darby