Brand New Poker Tournament Strategy – How to Land in the Money Every Single Time



For decades professional poker players have endlessly debated optimal tournament strategy to outwit opponents and finish in the money. But today I break all the rules and long-held beliefs to reveal my brand new, unorthodox poker tournament system that practically guarantees pay days.

Every single time.

Follow my unbeatable method below step-by-step to start collecting consistent profits and final table finishes without fail:

Step 1 – Forget Aggression

Since the Moneymaker boom, conventional wisdom preaches ultra-aggression and attacking the blinds to build big stacks. But I have found a contrarian path to success.

My secret?

First off, I assume you already have some basic understanding of poker. If not, this poker hand guide is a good start. You can also pick up some basic beginner guides on youtube to get you started.

So.. what about that secret? Here it is:

Go completely against your instincts and play the first 5 blind levels of any tournament with extreme passivity.

That means:

  • Only enter pots with premium pocket pairs and big aces
  • Make disciplined laydowns with one pair type hands
  • Don’t bluff a single time or double barrel without monsters
  • Avoid any multi-way confrontations or bloated pots

While opponents play fast and loose, battling each other in risky coin flips, we take the opposite route. Sit back and only engage when dealt virtual nuts, otherwise fold instantly.

This approach requires incredible patience, but builds patience by avoiding volatile spots where short stacks bust. Surviving the crucial early levels is priority one.

Aggression comes later.

Step 2 – Camouflage Your Stack

Another key tenet of my new tournament blueprint involves hiding stack sizes from opponents in the opening levels. Using randomization tricks, we manipulate our chip towers to appear smaller than reality.

The tactics include:

  • Never riffle or organize chips neatly in clean towers
  • Remove higher denomination chips from public view
  • Splinter lower value chips across the entire table felt
  • Request odd chip amounts from the dealer when adding to stack
  • Use empty table cutouts to conceal actual chip quantities from opponents

Deceiving opponents into believing we hold fewer chips establishes profitable situations later when we surprise entrants with our well-disguised 20+ big blind restacks. They will be stunned by our camouflaged chip arsenal!

But through level 5 keep that secret weapon out of sight through rigorous stack obfuscation while avoiding bloated pots.

Step 3 – Pick Perfect Table Draw

In conventional poker wisdom, new entrants get seated randomly at whichever open seats exist. But turns out that approach contains a massive leak.

Instead follow my perfect table draw blueprint:

  • First analyze the player types and stacks already seated
  • Identify weaker players with short stacks who will bust sooner
  • Await a seat change opportunity through player exits
  • Then pounce on their vacant seat spots beside tight weak opposition with little play behind you

This hand selects our competitors and environments, avoiding tough players and tables where independent chip leaders battle each other. We squeeze into card dead zones beside short stacked calling stations eliminated soon.

The difference between random seat draws and tactical surgical strikes is enormous. Put yourself in prime position.

Step 4 – Play Jekyll & Hyde

Now we reach the pivot point after the first 5-6 blind levels conclude. Having maintained or grown our starting stack through extreme patience and tactical seating, it’s time to flip the aggression switch.

When only half the original field remains, we weaponize our big disguised stacks with relentless aggression including:

  • Isolating weak tight players left with bigger bets and 3-bets
  • Executing multi-street barrel bluffs when they flinch
  • Relentlessly attacking short stacks to build a monster chip lead
  • Wielding the ‘chip and a chair’ after knockout punches to break opponent spirits

This shocking heel turn from passive nobodies to aggressively active chip leaders happens almost instantly thanks to the power of our hidden stacks finally unleashed.

Opponents never know what hit them! In perfect position from past hand selection, we accumulate chips quickly through ultra-exploitation of weaknesses in low confidence players stranded on wrong tables from past bustouts.

They can hardly believe who they’re now facing compared to the first 5 levels. The psychological edge of our extreme aggression shift negates technical play.

Step 5 – Enter the Matrix

Approaching bubble time with nearly unlimited chips in our arsenal, having established dominant chip positions from our hyper-aggressive ambush, now we leverage ultimate power with loose-aggressive actions to truly bewilder and dismantle opponents.

With fear factors rising as dollars bubble, we isolate wider, pump pre-flop raises exponentially and wield reckless abandon with all-in re-shoves, applying maximum pressure cooker bubble chaos to watch weaker players meltdown.

Our relentless aggression continues bluffing every street, relentlessly attacking short stacks, relentlessly isolating tighter players – shattering any attempt to stop our avalanche.

They have no reference point for how to handle our maniacal aggression fueled by disguised starting stacks followed by non-stop attacking on right tables. We empty their mental and strategic ammo until they surrender.

The only survivors left standing never adapted to counter our unorthodox new tournament theory. Who could possibly develop a defense on the fly?

My breakthrough system guarantees bubble finishes over and over. And final table results become standard.

This is the future of tournament poker. Unconventional actions, extreme randomness and aggression shifts based on revolutionary stack hiding, opponent targeting and precisely mapped aggression timing.

Tyler Darby

Tyler Darby