Chapter 2 Ep. 2 Back to Camp



This week the nominations came out for the Global Poker Awards and the Ante Up Poker Podcast did not make the cut. Fans can vote on four categories. The links for those are below and our Patreon Private Game is next week. Come join us for that.

Elle and I talk with Hannah Smith from Camp One Step. Their annual charity poker tournament is coming around again. It looks like I will be trying to win that WSOP Main Event seat again this year. Come join us for that.

Call the Floor this week is more of a discussion on the rules as one listener found themselves in a room with a couple of players speaking using ASL in the game.

Patrick and I break down a hand from Curtis Schroeder. He takes a shot at 2/5 for the first time and runs into a situation.

After all of that I end the show talking about a player that acted out of line at the PokerGo Tournament Championship.

To vote for the 5th Annual Global Poker Awards use these Livestream:…/final-round-fans…/

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Joe Scales

Joe Scales