Do you know the different types of slot machines?



In any casino, whether physical or online, slot machines are one of the most attractive games for players. You could say their success is “Reel” (pun intended). They gained significant popularity in Las Vegas, where, in every  corner, you can find machines of this type. Whether you’re a beginner or have a little experience in gambling, you may think that all slot machines are the same. But this is not the case, although they all have the same objective, which is none other than to obtain lines to obtain benefits, the truth is that there are different types.

Classic or basic

One of the most classic slot machine games that exist is Book of Gold, which has gained a true legion of fans throughout the world. Basic slot machines already work digitally and display symbols and a random number system on the screen. They are, without a doubt, the easiest slot machines to play.

With Multiplier

Another of the basic slot machine games that exist are those that have a multiplier. This means that the more coins you put into the machine, the more you will be able to win.


In a traditional slot machine, prizes are awarded if the three symbols on the center line match. If you tap on the top or bottom line, it doesn't count, since only the middle one can win. But, in this type of slot machines, the rest of the lines can always be activated, as coins are inserted and the bet is raised. The profit will be lower and it will be much more certain that the profits will come.


They are a type of slot machine that is much riskier, but offers larger prizes. Its operation is simple and consists of setting aside an amount of the total money invested in the game in the machine and placing it in a pot. The more players play, the bigger the pot will be. Of course, the main rule for playing this type of slot machine is that you must play the maximum amount in each game, in order to be entitled to the progressive jackpot. This jackpot is regenerated once one of the players wins it. These are the different types of slot machines that you can find in any casino, whether physical or online.

Tyler Darby

Tyler Darby