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It’s exciting times in the iGaming industry as its growth continues worldwide. For generations, the United Kingdom wore the crown as the gambling lord, but times change. Las Vegas was once the spiritual home of casino and sportsbook betting in the United States. But nothing stands still. Canadians suffered for years from a lack of proper gambling markets. But attitudes change. Following changes to online betting rules in the UK, US, Canada, and Brazil, the world is now more gambling-friendly.

Changes in the US brought the biggest difference, bringing millions of new gamblers to the table. The most famous names from the Las Vegas strip and European gambling join the best betting sites in the States to create one of the most exciting sectors in world business. The top gambling apps are now active in your region, accepting new customers and offering welcome bonus free bets to registrations. Your share is just a few clicks away, but you must research, read the best reviews, and choose a bookie that suits your style.

The online gambling industry is packed, creating an unforgiving and intensely competitive arena. It’s getting dangerously overcrowded with start-up and online-only bookies joining the fold every year, determined to make an impact and steal a share of such a lucrative pie. That spells terrible news for online bookmakers, but it’s a great time to be a casino gambler and sports fan. With firms fighting over your business, you can sit back and wait for the perfect deal and most generous bonus.

Change the angle

The battle to win new customers means bookmakers are expanding, targeting the best talent and technology to help them get ahead of the game. To beat off the competition and survive in such a cut-throat business, the leading players must attract the top talent in every field. Casino apps want to sign big players this year, from traders to marketers. They understand that to be the best, you must employ the best. But where do you fit in?

Well, have you ever considered a career in the gambling industry? It’s more appealing today than ever. And there are many different angles in this rapidly expanding sector. There are far more opportunities than you might think, with several roles available at the best online gambling apps and affiliates. If you have a head for numbers, creating odds based on probabilities in sports may be your angle into betting.

If you prefer customer care, looking after the brand’s big spending players, a role in the VIP department may be more up your street. Help attract new players to the casino and work to keep them on the hook with free visits to casinos, entry to poker tournaments, or tickets for the next huge sports event. Working in betting customer care is rewarding and exciting, with no two days the same. Does your future lie in the gambling sector?

Write your story

What if we told you there’s a job in the betting industry that allows you to work from home, travel the world, and visit the best casinos, sports venues, and gambling industry gala events? You can work when you want and take on as many or as few tasks as you like. It sounds almost too good to be true. Well, that’s the like that could be waiting on the horizon if you pursue a career as a freelance online gambling writer.

What is a freelance content writer? We can explain by asking you another question. When you last visited a gambling app, did you notice the text on the site, including the welcome on the home page, the ‘About Us’ page, and the latest news blog? Who do you think wrote those articles? In most cases, it’s freelance writers working from home on a pay-as-you-write contract. These articles serve many purposes, including to inform and educate the reader on betting.

More importantly, the copy on websites and apps helps the business rank well on Google and other search engines. The better and more effective the copy, the better the business performs and the more customers it attracts. Are you a fan of casinos with an excellent command of the English language, an unwavering work ethic, and a desire to put your career path on a straight road to success?

Being a gambling copywriter may be the answer to your employment issues. But before buying a new laptop, there are a few pros and cons: cutting yourself off from all distractions and letting your writing do the talking. The following section covers some pros and cons of working as a copywriter.

Pros of an exciting industry

There are many benefits to being an iGaming writer in casino, sports, poker, bingo, and other areas. Online gambling is exciting and fast-moving, and experts predict sustained growth in the coming years. Few business areas carry as much excitement as iGaming in the United States. Here are some benefits of this career path.

  • The best freelance iGaming writers only work on jobs they enjoy. When working off a job board, you can select the assignments that catch your eye and pay the best, ignoring the tasks that aren’t the perfect fit.
  • Freelance writers manage their work around their lives rather than fitting life around work. When operating on a freelance basis, you will be your own boss.
  • Get free entry to big casinos to cover poker tournaments for an employer, writing a preview and providing live updates, results, and talking points.

Cons of an unpredictable market

  • Working as a freelance iGaming writer is exciting and unpredictable, but there needs to be more security. Your workload and success will come in peaks and troughs. Sometimes, you’ll be busy; in other months, you’ll be twiddling your thumbs.
  • As a freelance writer, you must master all jobs. You are in charge of your paperwork and schedule. You must motivate yourself; there are no sick days, and contracts can end anytime. Take the rough with the smooth.
Tyler Darby

Tyler Darby