The Biggest Horse Racing Wins in the World



Horse racing is one of the sports that is associated with thrilling moments … and life-changing wins if you manage to pick the winner (or winners if you’re one for an accumulator bet!). Over the years, there have been several incredible betting wins in horse racing that have captured the imagination of enthusiasts around the world. If you are thinking of checking out today’s horse racing odds with the hope of joining the list of big winners then here are some of the biggest ever horse racing betting wins to whet your appetite:

Frankie Dettori’s Magnificent Seven

In 1996, the world-famous Frankie Dettori achieved an extraordinary feat by winning all seven races on a single card at Ascot Racecourse in the United Kingdom. If you were a fan of his and bet on all of his races, you would have been quids in.  It comes as little surprise that bookmakers suffered massive losses as punters celebrated this historic achievement.

The Aga Khan’s “Super Heinz”

Often, the most significant wins are achieved by those who are brave enough to bet on more than one horse… 

In 2012, the Aga Khan, a prominent racehorse owner and breeder, won an astonishing €10.9 million from a €2.5 bet. The bet, known as a “Super Heinz,” involved him selecting multiple horses to win across several races. The Aga Khan’s successful wager included six winners out of seven races. Pretty impressive by anyone’s standards!

Darren Yeats’ 353,000-to-1 Accumulator

Another big win from a punter who was lucky enough to put his bets on more than one winner came back in 1996. Back then, British roofer Darren Yeats placed a £59 bet on a nine-fold accumulator, which required all nine selections to win their respective races. 

Against all odds, all nine horses emerged victorious – and this resulted in a stunning payout of £550,000. To this day, it remains one of the most remarkable accumulator wins in horse racing history.

Mick Gibbs’ 1,666-to-1 Accumulator: 

Accumulator wins are the way to go if you’re after that big win, as proven in 2001, when Mick Gibbs, (another roofer) from Staffordshire, England, placed a 30p each-way accumulator bet on a series of horse races. All 15 selections won their races, leading to an incredible payday of £500,000. The bet included horses with long odds, including 200-1 and 500-1 outsiders. Not a bad day’s work eh?!

The “Anonymous” £823,000 Jackpot: 

Maybe he (or she) didn’t want people knocking on the door for tips (or handouts). In 2008, a lucky punter, known only as “Anonymous,” won a massive £823,000 by correctly predicting the winners of six consecutive races at the Cheltenham Festival. The anonymous bettor placed the wager with just £19 and achieved that extraordinary return on their investment.

Conor Murphy’s Million-Dollar Payout: 

In 2012,  Irish bookmaker Conor Murphy proved his knowledge of the sport when he won $1 million after successfully predicting the outcomes of six races at the Dubai World Cup. Murphy’s bet, known as a “Placepot,” saw him selecting horses to place in each race. He correctly predicted the placings in all six races, resulting in that life-changing win.

How to Pick a Winner

If you are looking to pick a winner and see whether you have what it takes to add your name to the list, then you need to work for it!  Picking a winner requires a thorough assessment of various factors, including form, recent performances, class, jockey and trainer, track conditions, distance and course suitability, fitness and health, betting market, pace, and race strategy. Some may get lucky and simply go for the name they like, but if you do want a chance at getting that big win, then you need to do your homework.

That being said, horse racing involves an element of chance – and even with careful analysis, there is no guarantee of success. So, bet responsibly, try your luck and see if you have what it takes to be a big horse racing winner.

Tyler Darby

Tyler Darby