5 Telltale Signs that You Picked a Winning Horse



Unless you’re a fortune-teller or something similar, your chances of winning won’t improve unless you do something about it. Some people will say you’re probably down on your luck, so you’re not winning your horse racing bets. However, luck isn’t the only thing you should rely on regarding horse racing betting.

We can do things to increase our chances of winning our bets, and one of them is to pick the right horse. There are telltale signs that a horse will perform well in an upcoming race. Sometimes, these signs can be seen with your eyes up close, and some can be found on paper. Luckily, we’re here to discuss these telltale signs and where to find them. Let’s start.

Track Record

The track record of a horse can tell a lot of things about the horse itself, especially when it comes to its upcoming performance in the race. You can usually find a horse’s track record in the racing form, along with other things like the races the horse joined recently, its jockey during these races, etc.

You can usually see these racing forms in the stadium or online on sites like FanDuel. When looking at a track record, generally, a horse that has won its most recent races is a good bet. This is because it usually means that the horse is gearing up for a win, and that win might be its upcoming race.

It’s usually the same with horses consistently top three in their most recent races. Of course, you also have to check the factors of these wins. For example, you should check the track surface of the races that the horse won. If the track surface of these wins is dirt, it’s a good idea to bet on the horse if the upcoming race uses a dirt surface. Otherwise, it wouldn’t do good at all.

Repeat Contestant

History often repeats itself in horse racing. This means that if a horse won a specific race like the Kentucky Derby before, the horse has a good chance of winning the next Kentucky Derby. The more wins the horse has in a specific race, the higher its chances will be in the same race the next time.

The opposite is also true. Most of the time, horses that have never won a specific race won’t win it soon enough. Of course, there are rare times when the unexpected happens, but the takeaway is the word “rare.” That said, don’t expect the horse to win a race that it has never won before. You’re just wasting a bet.

Days Since the Last Race

Horses are living beings, which means they also feel exhaustion, just like humans. That said, when you’re too exhausted, you can expect yourself to do good during your upcoming race, and that logic can also be applied to horses. With that in mind, you can look at the racing form to see the last race a specific horse participated in.

Usually, a horse can go for two to three races before resting. However, you might be asking now, “How much rest should a horse have?” The answer to this is pretty simple. Usually, the most optimal number is between 30 to 60 days.

However, don’t expect the horse to be in tip-top shape after rest. A horse usually returns to its peak performance after a race or two. The opposite is also true. If the horse didn’t have enough rest before engaging in a series of races, you can’t expect it to do well in the upcoming race.

Chemistry with Jockey

The horse alone can only do so much. It also needs its jockey to guide it on when to ramp up the speed or when to take a turn. That said, a jockey and a horse must work together to win the race. And so, it’s only natural that both of them should have good chemistry. If the horse already has a few races with the same jockey, then you can assume they already have good chemistry. Otherwise, don’t bet on them.


Just like humans, horses also show signs of emotions before a race. If you can see the horses up close as they go to their starting positions, then you should look at them. A horse that is too demanding, irritable, or just upset in general complete with constant neighing and sweating, then you can assume that it’s not ready to race. On the other hand, if the horse has steady steps, has a nice sheen to its body, and is just overall calm, then it’s ready to race.

Final Words

These are the telltale signs of a winning horse. Of course, you might not see all these signs in a single horse, so it’s still best to research a horse’s track record before making your bets. Research is still the key to winning your bet, as well as a little bit of luck. With all that said, may Lady Luck look upon you with favor.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor