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It is a known fact that the modern world of online gambling can impress even a pro player with its numerous games. Some of them are luck-based while others require special skills.

As a rule, newcomers or players who are looking for fun and unforgettable emotions tend to choose casino games that are easy to learn and understand. Baccarat is one of such games. This fantastic online casino game will take the hearts of almost every gambler whether he is experienced or not. Learn how to get great results in this game together with the Qualitycasinos guide on its rules and special features.

Rules by the team of Qualitycasinos

The Qualitycasinos team notes that gambling sites that can be found at listings of the best Australian online casinos can offer this bright representative of table games for their visitors for sure. This truly royal game can have a few competitors, but its gameplay comes down to two of them: the dealer and the player. They will get two cards with the goal to collect the card value as close as possible to nine. The biggest game part is run by the dealer, so you can be totally concentrated on your strategy.

In order to become a winner, you should wager on the options of the player, the dealer, or the tie. Of course, that is not all about baccarat rules and variations. Here are the most essential rules of this game collected by Qualitycasinos:

  • After the dealer`s call you should place your bet. Players try to guess whose hand will be closer to nine. In another variant competitors will tie;
  • Cards will be dealt after placing all bets on the virtual table;
  • Both competitors reveal their cards. It means that in the case if a hand is equal to 8 or 9 it will determine the winner;
  • When it comes to the third card, it will become possible in the case when no hand is equal to an appropriate number of eight or nine;
  • If the player`s combination is less than six he will get the third card;
  • Is your hand six or seven? You cannot have an additional card in this case;
  • The dealer will proclaim the winner. It is about live dealer games. As for the usual baccarat games, you will see the winner on your screen.

Here is a tip from the Qualitycasinos team. According to statistics, the banker wins more often than the player. For this reason, banker bets require a commission of 5 percent. So, together with tie bets, the banker winning chances are nearly 46 percent.

Qualitycasinos various baccarat activities

Like iGaming games, modern baccarat can surprise gamblers with its different variations. The Qualitycasinos team prepared information about the most popular among all possible variants:

  • Mini baccarat is a well-known type where the dealer does all the actions. It means that the player does not have an option of banking in this case;
  • Three-card baccarat attracts gamblers with the peculiarities of its gameplay. In this game, the dealer starts every round by dealing three cards to himself;
  • Banque game is known thanks to 3 decks of cards there;
  • Punto Banco is a game that has 3 dealers. Other features are pretty similar to mini baccarat;
  • Speed type is a baccarat game that goes with a fast pace.
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