4 Lessons I Learned From Playing Craps



Craps is a straightforward game that you can master within minutes. It’s far from being the most complex casino game, as it doesn’t involve any strategic elements, nor can you develop your skills over time.

That said, after playing craps for quite a while, I can confidently say that I’ve learned quite a few things that I didn’t know before I started. In the hopes of helping you become a more successful craps player, I want to share the most valuable lessons I learned from playing craps.

Playing Slowly Is Often the Best Way to Strategy

Playing it slowly is a good rule of thumb for gambling on any casino game, and the good news is that you can control the tempo. Craps is a fast-paced game, and if you add to this the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere at the table, it’s easy to understand how you can quickly get carried away.

The best way to minimize this risk is to slow your gambling pace. While you can control your betting habits in land-based casinos, I’ve found the most effective way to play at a slower pace is to play craps online. When you’re playing online at a site like UFACAM, you set the pace at which you’re playing the game as you’re playing on your own. This gives you great control over how much you’re spending per hour.

It’s Best To Avoid Prop Bets

Many experienced craps players agree that prop bets are generally a waste of time. While you might think they add flavor to your craps gambling experience, the financial trade-off is not worth it. This is particularly important to remember if you’re a beginner. In that case, don’t go beyond the few basic craps bets.

Most prop bets are unfavorable, and you would only be doing yourself a disservice by placing them. Some prop bets have outrageously high house edge percentages. For example, the Any 7 prop bet has a massive house edge of 16.67%.

Limits Can Be Very Valuable

Most players gamble on craps without any bankroll limits or session timeframes. That said, you don’t want to be in this group since setting these mechanisms in place doesn’t require much effort.

Firstly, set a bankroll that you can afford and always stick to it. Don’t chase losses, especially if doing so would require you to go over your bankroll limits. Moreover, setting time limits for your sessions can also be very valuable. No matter how you’re doing, once your session time is up, stop playing and walk away.

Of course, this rule can be challenging to stick to, even more so if you haven’t developed strict gambling discipline. But, it is a precious tactic for preserving your winnings or minimizing losses. There’ll always be a next craps session, so there is no need to play until you drop every time.

It’s Important To Tune Out Others Around You

Playing craps at a land-based casino is one of the best gambling feelings you can experience, and the craps table is often the loudest part of the casino. Gamblers cheer for each other, as most win and lose together.

This is one of the most significant reasons I love playing craps. What’s more, I like that I can also go against the crowd in my bets and be the antagonist. It’s engaging, and I never feel bored when playing craps.

However, this atmosphere can also be a downside in some situations. Occasionally, some players give themselves too much freedom and constantly provide you with unsought advice at the craps table. This can get annoying fast. More importantly, if you listen to outside advice, you’ll likely end up losing money.

If you’ve learned craps rules and know the smartest bets to place, you don’t need to listen to anyone talking in your ear. Trust your research and knowledge, and ignore what others say. While sometimes you might get a good tip or two, these are overwhelmed by the dreadful advice most players give.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor