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There is no denying that nowadays many people in online casinos, for example Rocket casino Australia, as well as in betting shops. This is because it is a chance to win more or less money. Casinos are introducing newer and newer technologies that involve new games and payment methods. Artificial intelligence also appears in many of them. We would like to take a look at how AI is being used in online casinos.

More and more new technologies

When online casinos came on the market in the 1990s, they represented a real revolution in the world of gambling. However, they had to wait a while for their development until the digital age gained even more momentum and more people could afford a computer with constant Internet access. In the beginning, casinos only had simple table games and slot machines. Over time, more and more games were added. Bingo, electronic scratch cards, jackpots and arcade games appeared. A great revolution was undoubtedly the appearance of live casinos on the market. The combination of classic online gambling and live cameras from a professional studio made us feel as if we were actually in one of the casinos in Las Vegas. The ability to play games of chance from your cell phone was also added, and the list of casinos themselves was significantly expanded.

AI in casinos

When we talk about AI, we mean artificial intelligence. Dreams about artificial intelligence simulating the work of the human brain, our behavior, our independent thinking have been around for many years. Such simulation of our intelligence in machines, of course, causes a lot of controversy. Opponents say it is unclear how far it will develop and whether it will ever pose a threat to us.

At present, however, it is at a rudimentary level. In casinos, for example, AI can be used in customer service. This is because each of these gambling sites has a customer service department where you can communicate with the staff via live chat. However, this is where artificial intelligence-based solutions are introduced. This is because the AI manages the live chat and is able to answer questions on its own, ask them and refer the customer to a real casino employee in case of doubt. This saves time and money – the number of employees at the service desk can be reduced.

AI is partially involved in the operation of gambling, although it tends to be simple programs that take over certain tasks. However, there could be a big change coming soon. An interesting example of this is a company called Future Anthem. It is a London-based startup that has been working for some time on developing an algorithm that studies player behavior in gambling companies. As we know very well, casinos and others collect a lot of information about us. 

However, so far such databases have not been used. With the help of the new solution, it will be possible to study the activities of gamblers, send them personalized offers and even protect them when the risk of gambling addiction is detected.

Of course, this is just an example of one of the many ideas that could soon be introduced in casinos. However, there’s no denying that many of them are based precisely on the idea of customer profiling. After all, Facebook alone can collect a lot of our data, which is then processed in a variety of ways. A similar scheme in the casino ensures that the system suggests to players the games that best suit their tastes, preferences and history in the casino.

It is not impossible that AI could also be responsible for live games in the future. Some kind of virtual game could be introduced, where a computer-controlled character can take on the role of a croupier or dealer. Not only can he control the game itself, but he can also interact with the players, talk to them, cheer them on, and comfort them when they fail. There is already a lot of talk about the future of VR casinos, where AI will be able to find numerous tasks for itself. One thing is for sure – we are in for a big revolution in the coming years.

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Guest Contributor