All You Need to Know About Crypto Poker



All You Need To Know About Crypto Poker

Considering how stressful and packed work life can be, it’s important to have some good pastimes. Having fun things to do in your free time so you can enjoy yourself, be happier, and ultimately be more productive when you do work is all but necessary. One of the most popular options is gambling and specifically poker, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to spare to go to a casino in person and play there. That’s where crypto poker has your back, it allows you not only to play from the comfort of your own home but also has various advantages over traditional online poker games which makes it stand out even more. Let’s cover everything we think you should know.

Crypto poker – what is it?

BTC poker or in general crypto poker in its most basic form is online poker played with cryptocurrency instead of traditional deposits such as via credit/debit cards. While the change itself is pretty simple and may not seem impactful at first glance it is indeed a game changer. Cryptocurrencies have a massive number of benefits and most of them come into play in this situation.

It just goes to show that seemingly minute additions or integrations can have far greater implications than what you would expect at first glance. This is why we’re writing this article, to help people understand that it isn’t just a different method for depositing and withdrawing but an actually worthwhile addition and in our eyes a direct upgrade over traditional online casinos, especially if you already have some crypto lying around.

Let’s cover the benefits

The biggest implication that crypto poker has is the fact that it can be used to play poker despite being in a place where legislation surrounding gambling doesn’t generally allow it or at least highly discourages it. This allows everyone to have an equal chance to play regardless of their geographical location and the laws in the place where they live. For many, this won’t mean anything but for those that it does it’s incredibly important and we’re happy that it helps some people.

The main draw for everyone else is increased privacy and security. If a regular online casino has a data leak then your payment info could be in the hands of malicious parties, but if a crypto casino has a data leak then you lose nothing due to the nature of the transactions. There is also the fact that you need to give way less personal information than when you decide to pay with cards so no matter what happens you’ll be safer with crypto than you would be otherwise.

Some other smaller but also important benefits to cover are things such as far faster transaction speeds (both for deposits and withdrawals) than if you had used a card as your payment method and of course the (on average) better rewards and sign-up bonuses that crypto casinos have when compared to regular online casinos. These perks are a lot smaller than the previous ones but they stack up and oftentimes the main thing that helps us decide between two options are small quality-of-life bonuses.

Should I get into crypto poker?

Our answer would be yes, especially given the fact that the barrier to entry is quite low. If you already have cryptocurrency in a crypto wallet then we recommend you get going and try some crypto casinos out. If you don’t then don’t worry as the process to getting there isn’t that hard, all you need to do is find a crypto wallet that you like and buy some cryptocurrencies to fill it with. 

The setup for being able to play in crypto casinos is fast and painless. Even if you generally hate having to go through setups to play this one is pretty simple and the benefits are so big that we’re quite sure that you’ll be satisfied with the end result and we hope that you’ll be able to more easily enjoy playing poker once you’re done.


Crypto poker is a novel but amazing addition to the world of gambling and we highly encourage anyone who already enjoys poker to give it a shot, best of luck.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor