How to Check the Legitimacy of an Online Casino



Online casinos have revolutionized the gambling industry. With a huge range of providers and choices of games, it is easier than ever to play online. Yet not all the casinos offered are as fair as you might think. As cybercrime is increasing, it pays to do your research and guarantee your safety when online. Below, we give our guide on how to check if an online casino is legitimate.

Check Reviews

The first place you need to look is online reviews. A good casino will have information about it spread around the web, from its app store ratings through to independent review sites. They will rate the best online slot sites, casinos, and places to play table games. Ranking them on the choice of games, safety, how easy it is to deposit money, and other factors, allow for a very balanced look. Not only do they prove legitimacy, but they also help you decide which one will be best for you.

Of course, you should never rule out word of mouth. If you have friends and family who play, ask them what they use and have enjoyed. You may be able to check social media and see if any groups or threads recommend certain casinos.

Certification and Licensing

Legitimate casinos will always have certifications and licenses in place. This proves that they adhere to a set of standards on everything from data security to fair play. Not only will they have them, but they will be proud to show them. Without this, you are taking a huge gamble on providing any information or money.

The regulatory bodies that should be followed depending on where you are playing from. They don’t necessarily have to be local, though. For example, the Malta Gaming Authority is one of the main bodies that regulate the online industry. The UK Gaming Commission is another. If you are in the US, this may change depending on where the site is based and how you access it from your state.

If you are unsure about the licensing authority or body, then do a quick check online. It is easy to see what they make online casinos do to receive approval from them.


When a casino is not legitimate, it will find payment processors hard to come by. Major companies like PayPal and Skrill don’t want to be involved with criminal enterprises. It costs them time, money, and resources. Thus, if a casino has few ways to pay and you don’t recognize the gateways they use, then leave.

Being able to withdraw money is as important as depositing it. Many unscrupulous sites will make it hard to withdraw money or prolong the process. This means they keep your winnings inside the house, and you are forced to reuse them or never withdraw them at all. Check the casino’s policy on how long withdrawals take and how much can be removed at any given time.
If you keep an eye out for these simple signs, you can stay safe online with ease.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor