The most famous and prestigious poker tournaments in the world



Casino lovers in the world are certainly no strangers to big tournaments, especially poker tournaments with the gathering of the most professional and skilled poker players. Of all the tournaments related to casino games, the draw of poker tournaments is still the biggest and attracts millions of poker lovers around the world. What makes these tournaments so attractive is also that in poker tournaments with big prize pool payouts, the winner will be the one who owns the huge amount of money and gets the most prestigious title that anyone would like. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the world’s most famous poker tournaments.

World Poker Tour (WPT)

This is probably the annual tournament that has made the name and position of the poker game in the international casino market. Every year, players from all over the world come to this tournament in the hope of finding a title and proving to the poker world that they are the most talented and deserving. WPT is so popular that it becomes bait for radio stations to get the right to broadcast live every time this tournament takes place. For poker lovers from the beginning, it was WPT that rocked the poker market around the world. Now, every time this tournament shows off, it will be broadcast in 150 different countries. The amount of prize money will vary from year to year, but WPT is still famous as a tournament with an attractive cash prize system, the winner receiving the largest amount in WPT history can be up to children. over 3 million dollars.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

Besides WPT, WSOP is also really dominating the world casino market, WSOP’s reputation is so great that whenever the name of this tournament is mentioned, any individual or organization participating in the casino also wishes to participate. Join and experience the feeling of competing once in a lifetime. WSOP is considered to be the oldest and most trusted of the prestigious poker tournaments around the globe. The venue of WSOP is also not fixed, which makes it fair for poker lovers in the world, as long as there are many people participating in poker, there WSOP will be hosted. Thanks to its reputation and long standing, WSOP always occupies the most prestigious sports TV channels in the world, including ESPN. The prize money of this tournament is also up to millions of dollars.

European Poker Tour (EPT)

Although smaller in size than the two tournaments above, EPT still attracts participants no less than WSOP and WPT. For those who have not really been able to participate in the biggest tournaments in the world, they can completely register to participate in EPT. Despite the name European tournament, however, players from different continents can still participate. EPT was created by John Duthie, who won Poker Million in 2004 and quickly spread across Europe. Currently, EPT is popular and is broadcast live on major TV channels. However, to participate in EPT, you are required to pay a large fee to buy tickets, but you can be completely assured because the prizes of this contest are huge.

Poker is truly the most loved game in the world, as evidenced by the influence of poker tournaments and the number of people participating in these tournaments. If you are also a fan of this exciting game, why not try to win a ticket to participate?

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