5 Hobbies Enjoyed By Business Owners and CEOs



It is a stressful and sometimes lonely place at the top of the business world and those who run, own, or manage successful businesses and enterprises need to have the perfect pastime or hobby to reduce stress and relax the mind, body, and soul. Here are a few ideas and insights in this regard, with five hobbies that are most enjoyed by business owners and CEOs.

Competitive Gaming

Being able to just switch off from the stressful process of running a business and become your gaming avatar while you conquer other worlds has to be one of the top hobbies enjoyed by big business owners. Playing games like League of Legends or Dota2 is highly competitive and teaches various skills that all business people need to practice. Playing aggressively, always to win, making critical decisions quickly, and being able to strategize are all aspects of business that you can transfer into the game and vice versa.

Online Casino Games

The online casino sector is growing year on year and has become a socially accepted pastime that many a business owner and CEO finds and uses to relax. The fact that there is a chance to play for some great Casino jackpots also helps to make this a top chosen pastime of entrepreneurs and business people alike, allowing for excitement and fun.

Outdoor Adventure Pursuits

Being able to get outside and simply enjoy the weather does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit. It’s no wonder that it has become popular for business owners and CEOs to engage in the most high-risk, exciting outdoor pursuits. Whether trail bike riding or downhill cycling, skiing, and all the adrenaline-filled water sports, if you can afford them and have all the safety gear, then the outdoor hobbies are where it’s at for many.


It is just so calming and relaxing that gardening has become one of the top hobbies and pastimes for the top business people out there. The peaceful nature of gardening as a hobby in comparison to the fast-paced non-stop world of business and start-up stresses makes gardening a top hobby to just zone out and relax. It is also one of those hobbies where you will be surprised at what can be grown and achieved from the seeds that you sow. The patience and ability to plan ahead and then nurture and grow those plants to maturity is a great business skill to have and develop. This makes gardening an effective way for business people to enhance these very skills as well as relaxing in the process.


Keeping the mind flexible and working at its best is essential to keep your business running at peak performance. Using your downtime and free time to play mind games and puzzles that can extend the memory or expand the mind, whether played on smart mobile devices or online platforms, from Wordle to Soduko, puzzles have become one of the favourite pastimes for the busy business person or CEO.

Most of the hobbies discussed herein are all about allowing the player or participant to relax, and this is one of the key focuses of any business owner or CEO. There are also other hobbies for CEOs and business people that encourage certain business and start-up skills. The focus, however, of the top hobbies for business people and CEOs is to improve the work-life balance and all those discussed herein will allow for just this.


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor