Top 5 Advanced Online Poker Tips Used By Pros



If you want to be sure of success in poker games, you should think like a professional player. Experienced poker players know when to increase the bet and when it would be wiser to fold. But if you haven’t mastered the basics of poker, strategy can’t help you. Visit MyOnlineCasino, practice your poker skills and then come back and take your game to the next level with our tips. Let’s get started with our top 5 advanced strategies.

Focus on the range and not the hands

Non-professional poker players aim to place you on a certain hand. Experienced players focus on range, which can be extremely significant when calculating pot odds. The range is the variation of hands that a certain player can have given the cards that are on the table. Professionals try to identify not one but several possible winning hands, and accordingly make the best card combination. So, pay attention to several possible outcomes before making a move.

Throw away a favorite hand in some situations

Almost all poker players have a hand that is their favorite. When it comes, they feel excitement and want to continue with gambling. But, sometimes it will not be suitable considering the cards that the croupier has dealt on the table. In such circumstances, experienced poker players give up and wait for the next round with better cards. Non-professionals are often driven by emotions and do not want to discard their favorite cards even though they are aware that they have a mediocre value.

Don’t indulge in frequent bluffing

In games with lower stakes, you should bluff at a minimum if you want to achieve success. The reason for this is that the lower stakes are often full of players who call too much. That’s why professional players are always on the alert even if their player gives facial expressions of displeasure. The best hands for bluffing are flush or straight, pair + flush, top pair or middle pair, straight, and trips. When you have something weaker than this, the worst thing would be to bluff.

When you are not confident about the cards, give up

The best online poker strategies cannot help you if you have a bad hand. It is significant to endure bad streaks. So don’t be one of those inexperienced players who stubbornly chase a loss.  Always remember that a bad streak has to end at some point. You should also attack when you sense your opponent’s weakness. It may happen that the opponent did not get a favorable hand, so he shows signs of insecurity. Then it’s the right moment to attack.

Take your game seriously

Although the goal of poker is to have fun that can potentially bring you profit, you should take it seriously. Professional players keep records of their previous poker encounters that allow them to analyze win/loss statistics. When you have a written record of what was done at the poker table, you can spot the most common mistakes and focus on correcting them. Treat the game as the development of your poker career and success will most likely follow.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor