Online pokies Australia: to play or not to play?



Many people around the world spend their time and money playing online pokies Australia. At the same time, other people hate slot machines and all gambling. They believe that all casinos and slot machines are created for the purpose of stealing money from ordinary people, and sane people will never gamble. But how is it really? This is what we will explore in this article.

Everything on this planet has its advantages and disadvantages. Those who see more benefits in online pokies play them, and those who see more downsides prefer other options to have a rest.

Disadvantages of online pokies Australia

Here we’ll see why many governments ban this type of activity. Also reading this you’ll find out if there are any risks to your mental health/pocket.

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is exactly why many people hate slot machines. This psychological disorder consists of:

  • the inability to stop the game;
  • the players fall into a special gambling trance;
  • gamblers can’t cannot get out until they lose all their money, until the last penny.

People suffering from this psychological problem are strictly forbidden to approach pokies, they should never play any gambling games for money.


It’s no secret that slot machines require spending a lot of money and time. Players very rarely win large sums, and when they do, they spend them quickly, which is why online pokies are rightfully considered incredibly expensive.

Misunderstanding of others

Starting to play slot machines, you will surely face the problem of misunderstanding people close to you. Most adults (your parents) have in their heads the prejudice that casinos are only harmful and they have absolutely no advantages. When gambling on slot machines, you will encounter a huge misunderstanding.


Simultaneously, playing games can benefit in various aspects. Let’s see the most common pros.

Pleasure from playing

This advantage of slot machines will not be clear to all people. Those who have never gambled may consider this nonsense, but we will say one thing. Gambling is the best way to capture the spirit of the players, they get more pleasure (excuse the expression) than drug addicts from the next dose. A huge amount of adrenaline is released, and the game is breathtaking.

Break the jackpot

This is the most obvious advantage because this is what many people play pokies for. They are eager to win a huge amount of money with all their hearts, it gives great pleasure.

Distraction from real life

Slots are able to distract the human brain from the problems of real life, they will help to completely abstract from everything in the world, and this is very often necessary for a person.


The advantages and disadvantages turned out to be equal in number, which means that it is up to you and only you to decide whether to play or not. You must always have your head on your shoulders, not obey the opinions of others (especially addicted gamblers).

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor