iGaming Life Hacks for the Discerning Player



As with all areas of life, in gaming little steps can always be taken to improve efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. A player’s journey towards improving their skills, developing better insight, and gaining experience in their chosen game unavoidably comes only through time and practice. Yet there are some clever little methods you can employ to create the optimum conditions for this process to progress smoothly. Below we’ll be taking a quick look at some of these methods, or life hacks, that stand to make all the difference to the way you play and approach your chosen titles.

Get Region Specific

It’s a pragmatic point that often the best way to ensure you’re getting the best deal on your chosen game is to shop around as a means of finding promotions and offers to suit you. What’s more, being location-specific with your search inquiries can often lead to surprising savings. For example, a player from New Zealand looking to find the best online casinos in their region stands to benefit greatly from making use of dedicated services such as CasinoReviews.net.nz in order to achieve this aim. This is because, while there are more generalized directories of iGaming providers out there, focusing on providers operating within your region offers a range of benefits. For one, this way you know right away that your chosen iGaming service is licensed to operate in your area. Directories such as these also tend to rank the various providers based on their features and affordability, meaning you’re in the best possible position to pick one to fit your requirements. Finally, by narrowing your search to region-specific providers you’re much more likely to get competitive deals and bonus offers in your local currency – circumventing the sometimes costly matter of conversion.

The Power of Journaling

This covers two interrelated techniques. The first is literally journaling – by recording your observations, insights, and experiences as you play, you are better able to integrate what you’re learning. Of course, you needn’t actually write with a pen and paper – the Apple iPhone note app, or equivalent, will work fine for this. This can be a good way to take on board disparate pieces of information which, if you didn’t capture them, would likely slip your mind over the course of a session. If you wanted a more in-depth and comprehensive approach, you could consider recording your statistics, as well as any other information you feel may be pertinent, such as your mood, or the time of day.

The point here is to cast a broad net with a view to identifying patterns. This is a great way to get some insight into your own deficiencies and tells, as over time you will be able to see patterns emerging. From there you will be able to draw correlations and conclusions from these. Ultimately the end goal of both of these approaches is to bring greater awareness and reflection to your gameplay. Many platforms will record statistics for you, in which case inputting these into a master spreadsheet can be an efficient and effective way to identify areas for improvement in your game.

Know your Numbers

A crucial element in ensuring you’re creating the conditions necessary to sustainably develop your skills is to set a loss limit and to get into the swing of budgeting your stakes. Not only does this ensure you’re playing responsibly, freeing you up to have a good time, but it means you can reliably play your chosen game within a consistent framework that you can measure your developing skills against. Once you have established a reasonable loss limit, you can then subdivide it in order to get your average wager value. For example, if you were playing a game of online roulette, and your loss limit was $50, it would then make very little sense to place bets of $25 or more as this could easily result in you reaching your limit after just two rounds.

In contrast, were you to, for the sake of illustration, place $5 bets, then even an unsuccessful run would ensure you’d have at least 10 opportunities to place a wager. This is all about balancing the prospect of balancing risk with sustainable playing. Of course, in a tournament or other special circumstance, normal limits are often set at a different level – something as true for Olympic athletes going for gold as for anybody. But when it comes to regular gaming, where you’re largely attempting to increase volume in order to practice and develop experience, placing wagers at a smaller ratio to your overall loss limit is always going to be preferable.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor