5 Factors Hampering Your Progress in Poker



As a rule, people come to poker because they see it as a whole world, with its own rules, laws, different game dynamics, a sense of competition and a thirst to be better than your opponents. But after a while, the realization comes that only those who can work long and hard on their game become the best in this world. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why players are unable to make progress. 

Inability to Control Emotions

The so-called tilt affected absolutely all poker players. Even if you are a beginner, you probably had sessions when your common sense simply turned off, and you did a lot of actions that you are ashamed to remember even now.

Poker is not always a fair game, in which even the most skilled players can show a negative win rate for months while doing everything right. This should be accepted as part of the game. As a result, the negative turn will sooner or later change to a positive one, and as a result, over a long distance. Therefore, it is very important not to make mistakes when you do not add up, and ultimately, you will find inevitable success.

Playing With Inappropriate People

This aspect of your game needs to be given just as much attention. Pay attention to who you are playing with. If there is no frankly weak player at your table, you are unlikely to quickly pass limit after limit. In the current realities of online poker, you simply have to do this, the only way you will succeed in conquering the limits.

Of course, when you are playing poker online it is difficult to choose the people you are going to play with. When you visit Cookie Casino to play Hold’Em no one will be able to tell you in advance the lineup of people you face. However, if you think that there is a problem, leave the table and move to the other one.

Too Careful poker

When playing poker, you have probably noticed that in most hands at showdown you see weak hands, especially if there were no dizzying check-raises, 3-bets and so on in this hand. Remember that excessive aggression is also useless, and you should not do this too often, as your thinking opponents will adjust over time, and such a strategy will bring you losses.

Low Percentage

This aspect is also related to the previous one to some extent, but we will talk about it separately. Everyone understands that the lion’s share of money in poker is earned by value betting with the best hand against the worst. You should also carefully pay attention to value bets with less strong but at the same time quite good combinations. 

Call Problems

Another problem is the inability to throw out a beautiful hand when all the opponent’s actions tell you that he has collected one of the strongest combinations. Therefore, we advise you to think twice before calling with the top pair. If you start paying attention, you will see that at your limit, your regular opponents very rarely bluff.

The Bottom Line

Of course, achieving great heights in poker is not an easy task, but if you overcome your fear and, first of all, your laziness, then with a high degree of probability you will succeed. Climbing the limits you will gain confidence in yourself, and in your abilities, the most important thing is not to stand still, and strive to climb to the very top. First, we recommend that you correct those common errors that are described in this article. Take them seriously, even if you have already heard about them or read about them. If you eradicate them, then your progress in poker will be much faster.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor