A Complete Guide to Betting on Sports



If you are a huge sports fan, then you may well have considered, at some point in your life, that you might like to put your money where your proverbial mouth is and to place a bet. Sports betting is one of the most exhilarating components of following a particular sport and its top teams and players can add an enhanced sense of excitement when watching a game.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover a complete guide on betting on sports.

Top Facts You Should Know

There is a plethora of facts you should familiarize yourself with ahead of placing your first online gambling wager:

  1. There are five main types of sports betting: Sports Spread, eSports, In-Play, Exchange and Pari-Mutuel.
  2. There is an entire other language involved in sports betting and you should endeavor to learn.
  3. Money lining is the best way for you to pick an outright winner.
  4. Whenever you see the phrase ‘Parlay Bet’, this means all or nothing.
  5. Different real-world and online sports betting companies set their own lines.
  6. You should only wager what you are absolutely prepared to lose.
  7. Get used to losing!

Betting Basics

Essentially, the fundamental ‘bones’ of sports betting comes down firmly to the odds of one team or another winning, or subsequently losing.

The odds are basically another way of the particular online casino, or betting shop, valuing the team or sports player and the essential price of what they are worth. In sports betting, this is referred to as ‘the odds’ and following various sports betting tips will help you make the right wager for you.

The higher the likelihood of the soccer team, for example, you follow winning, the lower the odds, therefore the lower the price you will win if you bet on them. Conversely, the less likely it is that the team wins their game, the higher the odds and therefore the more prize money you will collect should you make the bet on them winning.

Sports Betting can Become Addictive

Another fundamental thing to remember before placing a bet on your favorite sports team or individual player is that, especially if you are lucky enough to experience an immediate and profitable financial win, such an activity can become addictive.

This is why carrying out the entirety of your sports betting on a prestigious and recognizable online casino is more advisable, as there are a number of different responsible gambling tools at your disposal should you need them.

Such responsible gambling tools include the following:

  • Time Alerts

Time alerts are, having spent more than fifteen minutes online, you will receive a personal and private notification to let you know how long you have been on the sports site.

  • Session Limits

Setting your own session limit will automatically log you out of your sports betting account when you reach the allotted time.

  • Wagering Limits

One of the most successful responsible gambling tools is that of wagering limits which do exactly what they say on the proverbial tin.

  • Self-Exclusion

If, or indeed when, you feel as if you are spending too much time and/or money on sports betting, you are always free to self-exclude yourself from your online betting account for a period of time entirely set by you.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor