What Is The Best Odds To Bet And How To Identify Them?



The moment when someone starts taking the first steps in betting can be overwhelming for many reasons. Some of which are the following:

  • Finding a gambling platform with the best odds;
  • Choosing betting markets with the highest value;
  • Deciding if it is better to bet on high odds, low odds, or odds close to the pair.

From this article, you will know what odds to wager on and how to identify the best ones for getting the most valuable options. But before that, you can see the available odds at https://ggbet.city/en/ as one of the reliable gambling sources. This site constantly charges a low margin on popular sporting fixtures while offering competitive odds to play. Speaking of which, let us find out what is better to choose – betting on high or low odds.

What is The Best Odds to Bet?

One thing is for sure – all betting odds can be profitable if the user places their bets correctly. Thus, any bet of 1.25 or 2.40 or 6.00 is good if the necessary conditions are met. The latter one requires you to study the game beforehand and do the following:

  1. Choose the preferred bet types for this game.
  2. Prepare and analyze a lot of statistical data, including the following factors:
    • the previous record of the teams;
    • their game dynamics;
    • weather conditions;
    • the strengths and weaknesses of both teams;
    • the importance for each team to win the match.
  3. Take into account such variables as injured players or the whole mood of the team.
  4. Look at the odds for each betting market and decide what is the best option to choose according to your analysis.
  5. Enter the deposit amount that matches your bankroll.
  6. Place a bet and wait for the results.

However, since it is a sport, you need to be open to surprising and unusual outcomes. Although we say that all odds are good in different scenarios, we still recommend you to bet mainly on medium odds between 1.80-2.30. If your prediction is correct, you will get a decent payout. If your prediction is wrong, you will lose your stake amount, but it is not as harsh as it could be in low odds betting.

Know Your Average Odds

As the name itself says, it is nothing more than the average odds of your bets. For example, if you place a wager on odds of 1.80 and another one on odds of 2.00, your average odds so far is 1.90.

Your average odds will represent quite good the best odds to wager. Thus, it is better to calculate them to understand your betting routine in the long run.

Process to Identify the Best Sports Betting Odds

At first glance, this process may seem like something very complex that only experts can know. But the reality is that knowing the best odds is very easy. And the fastest way to do it is to find a platform that compares odds from different bookmakers. Typically, such comparators also calculate average payouts and odds quality, showing you which bookmaker displays the best offers for any sporting event of your interest.

Thus, a comparator is a function for collecting together the most odds offered by bookmakers for a game. Many platforms allow you to choose the event and classify it according to the betting market. They usually display odds comparisons for 1×2, spread points, and totals.

How to Calculate the Odds Without a Comparator?

If you prefer not to use a comparator, you can do it manually in the following way:

  1. Enter the bookmakers where you want to place a bet.
  2. Select the event where you plan to make your prediction.
  3. Choose the market you fancy a wager.
  4. Review in detail the odds offered by each market.
  5. Find a bookie with the most appetizing odds offered.
  6. Place a wager there.


After knowing how to identify the best odds, pay attention to the tips below.

  • Bet on a few games, but on higher odds rather than on many events with low odds.
  • Lean towards one or two sports rather than many sports at the same time.
  • Begin with the simplest types of bets, and once you feel comfortable with them, move to others.
  • Don’t try to recover the losses since it can end up losing much more money.

Overall, these are simple tips on how you can react to odds to get higher payouts as a bettor. So, give a chance to all possible options, decide what suits your best, and trust the process. Good luck!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor