The Growth of the Online Gambling Industry



The global gambling industry is experiencing steady growth in recent years and this trend is predicted to continue well into 2022 and beyond. The convenience and ease of the online gambling segment has led to a boom in online gambling with many players now gambling as a social activity.

What factors have contributed to the boom in online gambling?

Global internet access has driven the popularity of online gambling, with more people now using online casinos on mobile phones and ipads.Other reasons are listed below: 

  • Easily accessible casino promotions and offers attract new customers. SkyCity Online Casino offers free spins to new customers who want to try online gambling before spending money.
  • Changes in legislation have legalised online gambling in many countries. 
  • Gambling restrictions  have also resulted in stricter licensing laws and increased transparency for users which has built consumer trust in casinos. 
  • High profile sponsorship of football teams and clubs have attracted more users to sports betting.
  • Advancements in technologies have been conducive to further growth. Virtual reality developments have facilitated immersive experiences and made online gambling more attractive.
  • Blockchain technologies have improved transparency and created possibilities for bitcoin and gambling with cryptocurrency.

The Pay and Play casino

A further development in the online gambling industry is the dawn of the Pay and Play casino. This casino has increased in popularity over the last year. Users are drawn to this innovative casino type because of its heightened security and ease of use.

How does the Pay and Play Casino work?

The Pay and Play Casino is also known as the No Account or No Registration Casino. 

It simply means that all you need to get started is to provide your date of birth and an active online bank account. These details suffice to provide an instant verification from your bank.

No form filling or registration is required so it’s a hassle free system.You simply log in and make a deposit. Play and Pay casinos have an attractive intuitive interface and are generally compatible with phones, tablets and desktops

Trustly Group, a Swedish fintech innovation, will deal with all your transactions so your data will be completely safe. You can play the game of your choice in literally seconds.

Smart and speedy system

The smooth, user – friendly system eliminates the need for form filling and ID verification. If you win, you request a withdrawal and the money will go straight into your bank account in seconds. You might also decide to leave your money in the online casino and return later. The super fast withdrawal system is the most attractive feature of the system. No more waiting.

Where can I find a Pay and Play Casino?

There are some online casinos that only offer Pay and Play with new brands appearing regularly. Most casinos that advertise ‘Trustly’ as a payment option will support Pay and Play gambling.

Is Play and Pay available in all countries?

Currently Pay and Play Casinos are only available from the countries listed below:

  • Austria
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden

What are the cons of Pay and Play Casinos

  • Play and Pay Casinos can’t market their offers to customers through traditional channels so customer loyalty and retention is hard to achieve.
  • The casino won’t have your email or phone details so you won’t receive promotional emails or texts.
  • Play and Pay Casinos often have to pay for advertising.
  • Payment providers charge high fees to the Pay and Play casinos for instant withdrawals.
  • Countries where Pay and Play is available are limited.
  • Only the Trustly payment method is accepted. 
  • There’s a 3,000 Euro deposit limit.
  • The super fast deposit and withdrawal systems may lead to gambling addiction issues among consumers.

What sort of games are available at Pay and Play Casinos?

There is a range of games to enjoy at Pay and Play casinos outlined below:

Slot machines. All the classic slot machine games are available with newer versions. You will still be able to access free spin offers.

Roulette. Classic and modern versions

Blackjack. Blackjack is available with a few variations.

Live Dealer games. You get to play authentic casino games with live dealer versions.

The lottery, video poker, scratch cards and more.

Will Play and Pay casinos become more available in future?

With developments in fintech and the growth of the gambling industry, the availability of Play and pay casinos is likely to increase in the future.

Who are the key players in the online casino industry?

The market has been categorised as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. Europe dominates the global market with Asia Pacific showing consistent growth. Online gambling is increasingly popular among New Zealanders though online casinos do not operate from New Zealand. 

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