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Gambling has always been risky. It’s either all or nothing. And when it comes to poker, you can’t expect to win without some luck. However, many professional poker players spend hours practicing their moves. They analyze their opponents’ strategies and develop their own to beat the opponent. 

Though all players practice hard, some have seamlessly made it to the top as in PlayAmo

This article will mention the top ten poker pros who won millions to their name. You might know some of them already, but stay tuned to find something even you might not know about them. 

The top ten poker players who made poker history remember them: 

10. Jonathan Duhamel

Biggest winning amount: $8,944,310

So, on number eight, we have Jonathan Duhamel. With his excellent skills and a tinge of pure luck, he brought home $8,944,310. Winning the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2010, he came victorious out of 7,319 players. 

The prize pool consisted of a considerable amount of $68,799,059. And while some celebrities like Bruce Buffer and Ray Romano also participated, Jonathan Duhamel outsmarted them all, taking a big prize. 

9. Peter Eastgate 

Biggest winning amount: $9,152,416

In 2008’s World Series of Poker competition, Peter Eastgate dominated the Main Event winning $9,152,416. Challenging a massive sphere of 6,844 players, Eastgate came through. 

By getting to the November Nine and bracelet, he earned the title of being the first Danish player to accomplish such a feat. Moreover, Eastgate became the youngest player to win the Main Event, also getting the title of the second European to win the big game. 

Peter Eastgate lost his crown as the youngest player to win the Main Event to Joe Cada next year. 

8. Hossein Ensan

Biggest winning amount: $10,000,000

We have Hossein Ensan in eighth place, bagging a massive amount of $10 million in 2019. In the WSOP Main Event, Ensan survived to the final table round amidst a field of 8,569 players. 

He made it to the top beating his opponent Dario Sammartino, another poker pro. Ensan won the 1st prize and made a name in the world of professional poker players to remember forever. 

7. Justin Bonomo

Biggest winning amount: $10,000,000

In 2018, Justin Bonomo, an American player, participated in the Big One for One Drop tournament. He took home the first prize of $10. 

He managed to defeat his German opponent, Fedor Holz. Moreover, he dominated top poker professionals like Dan Smith and Byron Kaverman, taking the winner’s crown. 

6. Martin Jacobson

Biggest winning amount: $10,000,000 

Martin Jacobson is another poker player who won 10 million dollars. He faced 6,683 players to get to the top position. 

The WSOP Main Event in 2014 was pretty competitive and challenging in recent history. The Swedish player made his name known by coming triumphant in the biggest tournament and took a huge step forward in his poker career. 

5. Sam Trickett

Biggest winning place: $10,112,001

Sam Trickett took home $10,112,001 in 2021 at the Big One for One Drop $1,000,000 buy-in tournament, organized by WSOP. It might not sound like a big deal in 2021, but Trickett needs to be praised for his excellent poker skills. He didn’t win the 1st prize but made 10 million dollars in second place at the single event. 

4. Jamie Gold

Biggest winning amount: $12,000,000

Gold took home $12,000,000 in 2006. This man took part in the WSOP Main Event when poker developed for years. The interest of many made poker bloom which also doubled the prize pool. 

3. Elton Tsang

Biggest winning amount: $12,248,912

Elton Tsang is known as the third highest-ranking poker winner in the Big One for One Drop tournament. He won the first prize of $12,248,912. 

2. Daniel Colman

Biggest winning amount: $15,306,668

Daniel Colman won an incredible amount of $15,306,668 at Big One for One Drop. He has the second-highest winning rate in poker history. He also participated in online poker and earned massive cash in nine months. 

  1. Antonio Esfandiari

Biggest winning amount: $18,346,67

In 2012, Esfandiari won $18,346,67 at Big One for One Drop, becoming the number one on our list. He got the top position after defeating 47 other participants. 


This was our list of the biggest poker wins in History. If you think we have missed anybody, let us know. 

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Guest Contributor