Dota Betting Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Bet Successfully



Esports is the future of betting. Today, more and more people who enjoyed playing games when they were young are now betting on their favorite teams.

Ten years ago nobody could have imagined it, as esports betting is slowly becoming one of the global trends.

Perhaps, the most popular esports game is Dota 2. It’s hard to find a person that has never heard of this game. All of the players are divided into two teams where they have to compete against each other. The main goal of each team is to destroy the enemy base.

With the help of this guide, you will find out how to make money on Dota 2 betting in no time.

Tips for Beginners

It’s important to thoroughly understand how the game works before making any kinds of predictions. Thus, let’s take a look at some of the tips that can really help you out:

  • There are very few clear favorites in Dota 2. All of the teams are placed according to their ranks. As a matter of fact, only teams with the highest rankings participate in major tournaments.
  • Stick to a certain strategy and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • If you are an experienced bettor, then you already know how to place bets on various events, including Dota 2. However, if you are just starting your betting journey, it might be wise to look for some predictions on the web. For instance, there are certain websites that offer free sports picks with detailed descriptions.

How to Analyze Upcoming Dota 2 Matches

It takes a lot of time to study the upcoming Dota 2 matches. You might have a hard time collecting all the necessary information, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Make sure to focus on the best teams first, as it’s a lot easier to find all the information about famous players. Moreover, such teams are never involved in match-fixing.

The next thing that you should do is take a look at the upcoming tournaments. It is important to study all the information you can find about the players, their current shape, motivation, etc.

Remember that even the best teams can’t win all the time. Moreover, there are times when a certain team doesn’t even have to win the game. That’s when you have to be especially careful, as some players might not play at full strength.

The main tournament takes place in the middle of summer, and teams that occupy first place in the table in terms of points receive invitations. Thus, they are usually the ones that have a lot of motivation.

The Keys to Selecting the Right Online Bookmaker

Among the dozens of betting sites, you should choose the one that offers a large number of events and favorable wagering conditions.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the reliability of the bookie as you are playing for real money that you will then want to withdraw. The main factors for reliability are:

  • Player ratings;
  • The age and reputation of the website;
  • Bookmaker license.

After choosing a bookmaker, you need to create an account by providing all the necessary information. Make sure to specify accurate information as it may later be required when verifying your identity or restoring your account in case it gets hacked.

Once verified, you will have access to your account, where you can edit personal information and conduct financial transactions.

The next step is to replenish the game account. This can be done using different payment systems: bank cards, electronic wallets, mobile transfers, etc. The final step is to choose a certain event and confirm a bet.

Dota 2 betting is a perfect opportunity to make extra cash from the comfort of your home. Following the tips above can help you save time and hassles.

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Guest Contributor