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Self-isolation has not been a time of crisis and decline for everyone. Many fields have literally burst upward thanks to the epidemic. And what’s about the game industry? The cybersports market is going to grow, and it is possible to make excellent money in this industry. Many people would find an opportunity to work in this sphere attractive, and what about you? In this article we have tried to take a deeper look on the different jobs which are connected with the cybersports market.


The job of game tester is gaining in popularity every year. After all, every gamer who spends many hours in the cyberworld would like to be paid for it as well. And it is possible. Tester’s task is quite simple, cause you as game tester need to play the game and identify all the inaccuracies and errors before it goes into wide use. So, choose the game (as online blackjack game, but the other variant, a computer game) and you can start testing games.

The tester must go through all combinations of the game at each level to make sure that nothing will prevent the gamer from enjoying the game, no matter what combination he chooses. Requirements are good experience in the game (preferably on different devices), diligence (because many mistakes are not easy to spot), knowledge of English, at least at the reading level (many games are translated only into English). The salary depends on employment and your experience.


Cybersport is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to big money in the gaming industry. Millions of dollars are invested each year in various kinds of cyber competitions. But only really experienced players can make money there. Like any other sport, it takes a lot of time and effort. The better you play, the more you earn.

Nowadays even semi-professional teams have good conditions for earning and development. So, if you have desire and love to cyber-sports, it is quite possible to find a team and start with small tournaments.


If you like to play and you have a bright appearance, charisma, or voice, then you’re on your way to the streamers. You can have none of these things, but still come up with special tricks of the game, phrases, show bright emotions, and so on. Streamers broadcast their games online, they can teach or just do everyday things and get money for it.

The main thing is to attract as many viewers as possible who want to watch your game. After all, the number of subscribers depends on how much money the streamer gets. The main thing is not to overdo it, or immediately go to the ban. Streamers get a percentage of advertising and affiliate programs, donate from viewers, and so on. Anyway, you should be a good gamer to become a successful game streamer.


So, there is a wide variety of jobs which are connected with gaming. Even selling of the different game items could be another good, but totally fickle way of earning. The point is that those skins, things, sets, and so on, which you get as a reward, you can sell. True, something really worthwhile is not very often. But then you can go into trading.  Of course, to do that you have to constantly monitor prices and keep abreast of what is happening in “your market.

Which opportunity to make money on games do you like most? As you can see, you can make money on the games, not only as a gamer but just a fan of the cyberworld.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor