The Rise of Esports in Canada



 Many experts assume that Canada is going to play one of the key roles in the continuous growth of Esports worldwide. Moreover, one can hardly deny the importance of Esports in Canada.

While the industry spends millions of dollars on events, PR and talent, much work has been required to achieve this. In order to find out more about it and what is to be next, we investigated Canada’s role in esports. Esports has grown from a tiny group of enthusiastic fans of video games to a multi-faceted industry in the past several years. A total number of 646 million worldwide sports enthusiasts will be reached by 2023, and the industry may now exceed $1.5 billion. Moreover, in Canada, online betting for esports is developing fast, with numerous sites, such as lol esports betting sites, offering sports betting on different professional video gaming tournaments. Sports betting is perfectly legal in Canada, but betting on offshore sports betting sites instead of CA-licensed sportsbooks is also possible as there are many sports betting opportunities and often the odds are better.

Furthermore, in recent years, Canada has held its own in numerous important titles. It is a big international movement. Moreover, Canada presented the first female to ever win StartCraft 2 tournament and to achieve the historic triumph at the IEM. Today, esports in Canada has been represented on the international stage by numerous Canadian teams and organizations. Toronto Defiant and Vancouver Titans are part of the worldwide Overwatch League and the world’s major sports organizations. 

Esports Centers in Canada: Vancouver and Toronto

These cities have a particularly strong reputation in the global Esports landscape, with numerous big companies operating in Toronto and Vancouver. OverActive media and brightness gaming, both located in Toronto, are included. Brightness grew into a world leader and has teams in many worldwide famous and respected Esports categories. These and many more have high-profile contracts with streamers such as Ninja, which has the most frequented Twitch channel.

Vancouver is the only area in Canada now to have a focused sports plan to make Vancouver an esports center. 

Earlier than other Canadian cities and provinces, Vancouver’s had the proper items for a long time, from publishers in the esports field to local schools, universities with sports teams, and organizations that administrators and professors now begin to realize. There are wonderful small companies that are revolutionary leaders in different parts of the sports economy, be it platforms, tourney organizers, the media for the production of events, or esports journalism.

On the role of infrastructure in Canadian Esports

According to many experts in this field, Canada has to invest in infrastructure more than in other places and sectors in order to fully benefit from its esports potential – that fair internet access is one of the necessities and an investment that would help other sectors, including online education.

Furthermore, it’s often emphasized that simultaneously, at the local level, Canada requires more activating places comparable to conventional sports in order to encourage new players to be professional and talented. 

The ecosystem is growing, and the Canadian esports scene has time, especially when esports is going to be more linked to conventional sport, to develop a profitable model that works. For instance, OverActive had just completed an increment of $40 million, with hockey players Phil Kessel and Carl Hagelin joining OverActive in the Montreal Canadiens National Hockey League and the ownership group. Overholt argues that it is the model of OverActive to buy franchises and then to take advantage of the share of income that is essential to those leagues’ economic model.

To Wrap Up

Putting these all together, as opportunities regarding esports activities continue to increase, Canada will experience major advantages, especially given that the next generation will continue to be led by video games.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor