Best Bets: How to Make a Winning Bet for Greyhound Racing



Greyhounds are up again on track for a race! But before anything else, let’s dig first into what this competitive sport is all about. Greyhound racing is also known as dog racing. It is a competition that includes breeds of dogs that are called greyhounds. Two forms of greyhound racing include track racing and coursing. Track racing is commonly held usually around an oval track.

How does this race go? Track racing uses an artificial or mechanical hare as a lure. These artificial hares travel ahead of the dogs on a rail until they cross the finish line. Greyhound racing in some countries is mainly for entertainment and enjoyment. Furthermore, greyhound racing has been a big part of the gambling industry for many.

Greyhounds can only race until four to six years old. Some are kept while some are being adopted. Just like horse racing, audiences in the race can also bet on the outcome. Still not familiar with how to make a bet? Read more to learn about some effective tips to make a winning bet in greyhound racing.

Know the Different Types of Greyhound Racing Bets

If you are familiar with horse racing bets, greyhounds racing bets will also be an easy one for you! To make it clear for you, they are almost as diverse and quite similar. If you are just starting in the sports betting scene, it is best to start with simpler ones. Two of the most straightforward bets in greyhound racing are the Straight or Win bet and Place bet.

A straight bet means you are trying to predict which dog or greyhound will finish first. Simply put, you are betting on who you think will be the winner of the race. Once your dog wins, your profit is secured! On the other hand, place bets allow you to choose your favorite dog that you expect to finish first or second. You don’t have to worry much! As long as your bet finishes in first or second, your winnings are also secured. Other bets include the following:

  • Win-Place bet – A combination of two wagers. If the dog wins the whole race, you will be paid for the Win bet. While winning a place bet depends on the exact position of the chosen greyhound.
  • Across the Board bet – A combination of three separate wagers in one: Win, Place, and Show bets. If your favorite wins first, you will be paid for a win bet. If the dog comes in second, you will be collecting winning for a place bet. Lastly, if your pick comes in third, it will be paid as a show bet.
  • Exacta – One should place a bet and pick the first two dogs in a specified order.
  • Quinella – Selecting two dogs to cross the finish line. If either of the two bets finished first or second, your bet would win. You will win more if the one with higher odds wins in second and one with lower odds wins the race. Check the Saturday race bets for highlights and top greyhound picks!

Check the Greyhound’s Information

It is always important to look after your choices to have enough knowledge about your bets. Before even placing a bet, it is vital to look for their complete information like age, recent racing performance at a given distance, and many others. This is so you will have an overview of how they will perform in the field. No one would want to have even a tiny mistake when placing a bet.

Greyhound’s Form and Performance

As mentioned above, it is an essential factor to know the form and performance of the participating dogs in the race. Most of the time, these dogs have equal ability in the same race. But dogs who recorded excellent time in previous races positively indicate a potential winner in the next race.

Furthermore, knowing the consistent performance of the dog depending on its trap number can also be an important factor before making further decisions on your bets. Some dogs can demonstrate better form and performance to a trap they are most familiar with. Thus, there is a possibility that they may struggle to outrun other dogs who are fast runners to a specific trap number.

Running Style

Greyhounds do have a cheetah-like racing performance. Each dog has its own style and pace during the race. Some are early-paced, in which this style uses up energy at the start of the race and will maintain this energy and good speed at the beginning. But commonly, early-pacers tend to tire out and will eventually lack the necessary stamina up until the end of the race.

On the other hand, middle-paced dogs quickly accelerate in the middle stages of the race. Lastly, the third type is called finishers. They usually start slow and eventually make time to make the most at the end of the race. However, no matter what running style they use, the trap position is still a crucial factor in the speed and overall performance of the dog.


Another thing one can consider is the breeding of the greyhound. It will be an advantage if its parent has a history of exceptional form and performance on the track. There is a great chance that their offspring also have the same ability as them.


The factors and tips above can surely help you and increase your chance to make a winning bet. Thus, excellent preparation and enough knowledge are important. However, always remember to decide beforehand your basic betting unit. This way, you can guide and control yourself when to enjoy more and when to stop.

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Guest Contributor