What Are The Benefits of Poker HUDs



It’s a fact that poker is among the most popular casino games of all time. No wonder why many people enjoy this game that it even has many versions. Not only is it popular in land-based casinos, but also among those who play online. Top players use software such as poker trackers to improve on important statistics derived from their playing style.

Have you played online poker or do you just want to try this game? Here’s a piece of advice, whether you’re an online poker newbie who plays the live version and you want to experience the online counterpart, or you play at low stakes and are ready to take the game seriously, you should be using HUD as it’s an essential tool for today’s tough online games to increase your odds of winning.

What is a poker HUD?

A poker HUD (Heads-up Display) is computer software that helps collect and display your opponents’ statistics. This software displays the information on your screen of how each of your opponents has played this game in the past. The information is directly shown through floating panels next to each of the players on the poker table.

It definitely helps you with your decisions, whether you’re to bet, check or fold, you can just take a look at the HUD as it can show how your opponent has played the game before in the same situation. Using HUD would feel as if you’ve lifted a veil and you’ll see through the fundamental strategies of your opponents.

The most popular HUD tools include names such as Poker Copilot and Holdem Manager, or even the great PokerTracker.

Benefits of poker HUD

As mentioned above, poker HUD will give you a heads-up of what to expect from your opponents. So if you’re done with playing poker for fun and you want to take the game more seriously, you should have this tool on your computer. Whether poker is a game of chance or skill, HUD can greatly benefit you.

Specifically, here are the benefits of poker HUD:

1. You’ll have a headstart on your opponents

Knowing and understanding how your opponents play should give you a great advantage over how you play yours. Thus, HUD helps you play exploitive poker against your opponents. Seeing your opponents bare, you’ll identify their mistakes and know their strengths so you can plan out your moves accordingly.

For example, if you’re put in a position where you don’t know whether your next strategy will give you some strong hands, looking at your opponent’s statistics should give you an idea of how the game will turn and use it to your advantage.

Deciding properly in such a critical part of the game will increase your chances of winning the game.

2. Improve your multi-tabling

If you’ll go for playing on more tables, a HUD then becomes a necessity rather than a mere benefit.

As you should expect, there’ll be too much information you’ll have to process as you play more tables at the same time. That’s when HUD assists your multi-table games. It’s probably one of the reasons why people purchase HUD, so they can play multiple games and can focus on important decisions without having to miss out on whatever’s going on at other tables.

If you play only on one table at a time, it’s easier to see whoever is playing very loose or who’s in the upper hand since you can focus on the game. However, playing on more tables may lead you to miss even the slightest decisions made by your opponents. HUD can take care of that for you.

3. Learn more about the game

If you want to self-study the game, HUD can also help you with that. It can be considered as one of the most significant features of HUD.

The more you’re becoming serious about playing poker, the more hands you need to play. It can even show your statistics so you can analyze the flaws of every decision you make in your strategy. You can also fix inadequacies in your game, like the percentage of hands you open from each position, thereby quickly improving your win rate.

Your HUD may automatically save hands in an easy-to-view format for you to review them afterward. You can also “star” your hands during a difficult hand for a quick review right after.

Seeing your bad and good strategies should help you improve your next games.

4. Increase your chances of winning

All these benefits that poker HUD can give you boils down to the most important thing, and that is to increase your odds of winning.

While winning isn’t a hundred percent guarantee in using HUD, you’ll definitely be at a large disadvantage by not using it.

As with any type of game, a good strategy is very important to win the prize. That’s why HUD can be your best friend when it comes to playing poker. Never miss the chance of using this great creation to your advantage.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor