Srini Godavarthy leads 32 advancers from Day 1A of Ante Up World Championship Main Event


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Srini Godavarthy is the chipleader (780,000) coming out of the first of two flights for the Main Event of the Ante Up World Championship at Lincoln, Calif.

Steven Jackson is close behind with 740,000, with 30 other players advancing from the 253-player field. Day 1B of the $1,650 buy-in, $500,000 guaranteed event begins at 10 a.m. today.

Click here for more information on the Ante Up World Championship, which runs through tomorrow.

Srini Godavarthy 780,000
Steven Jackson 740,000
Jasthi Kumar 735,000
Ilyas Muradi 652,000
Hieu Le 621,000
Wilson Tolon 507,000
Brett Parise 504,000
Thu Tran 498,000
Spartacus Pincombe 488,000
Amir Lehavot 476,000
Joe Nguyen 404,000
Mai Liong 387,000
Anne Bui 369,000
Will Givens 302,000
Mohammad A 320,000
Jed Hoffman 267,000
Dawson Dvorak 226,000
Travis Egbert 222,000
Chang Deng 217,000
Anshun Jain 211,000
Kao Saechao 204,000
Jessica Plusko 146,000
Jason Hickey 136,000
Ron Fetsch 134,000
Deep Pulusani 132,000
Jason Armfield 129,000
Kelly Douglas 114,000
Alan Brownstone 111,000
Ron Gil 106,000
Paul Taeza 74,000
Noel Edwards 14,000
Ken Jones 8,000
Scott Long

Scott Long