How to Play Pokies Better This Year



Some play pokies for fun and recreation, which helps to relieve stress from the daily grind. Others play with the sole idea of winning. No matter your reason for playing pokies, it’s essential to follow the appropriate methods for improvement. Playing pokies is straightforward, but there are crucial tips to keep in mind.

With good knowledge of how pokies work, enjoying wins becomes inevitable. There are a few tips and tricks that should help your games, making you win big this year.

Bet Big

Take reasonable risks—that’s the first tip to follow closely when learning how to play pokies better this year. Placing big wagers remains one of the best ways to win games. In most cases, the bigger your bet, the bigger the size of your payout. 

Placing a big bet doesn’t mean playing pokies without knowing the game or a working strategy. Instead, it denotes the importance of maxing out your limit when you’re quite confident. Most pokies advertise a substantial maximum payout, but winning those amounts requires betting the maximum. 

Another tip to keep in mind is using higher denominations. When you play pokies using higher denominations, then you are maximizing your win potential. Most higher denomination spins pay higher than low ones in online pokies.

Betting bigger can be as simple as a $4 single wager instead of two $2 bets. It’s evident that the higher denominations provide fewer spins compared to the lower ones. If you want a longer session playing pokies, the lower denominations are more advisable.

A highly effective strategy in betting big is also looking out for pokies with the highest paylines. Look out for pokies that pay more than others by observing their Return to Player (RTP) percentages. The most advisable percentage to select are those of 96 percent or higher. Another rule of thumb when betting big is paying attention to the paylines and selecting all in your wager.

Find the Perfect Game by Testing Out All

Testing out multiple games is never a bad idea. Playing all games before choosing your best match always works in pokies. You can use the free play in some games with the available feature. As a bettor, ensure you go for the simple games. Most complicated pokies have lower odds, which doesn’t help you win big.

Testing out all free online spins helps you build a strategy that increases your chances of winning big. There’s no perfect game in pokies, but you can always have a close to the perfect experience with an effective technique. Performing pokie trials will also help you make the right choices regarding bonus features, helping you earn as much as you should.

If testing out all games proves difficult, you can start by looking out for the ones from top industry providers. Significant examples include Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming. Reading more on each game should also reduce the stress of testing all available games in online pokies.

Factors to Consider When Testing Out Games

While testing the different available online games, there are essential factors to review. If the pokie meets all the following factors, you should go for it.

  • Bonus Offer– The rewards you get while playing pokies helps your overall earnings. If a pokie offers more free chip bonuses, you should strongly consider real money wagering on that game. When looking out for a good bonus offer, review the wagering requirement as well. Avoid selecting pokies with an achievable wagering requirement.
  • RTP– This is a percentage that games provide to all players to inform them of the expected percentage. Games with low RTPs are those with values below 96 percent. If you observe such games while testing, opt out and try those with better RTPs.
  • Interface– Directly or indirectly, the slot interface has a significant influence on a player’s performance. When learning how to play pokies, the game display and design should be near perfect. A bad interface translates to a poor user experience, which ultimately affects wins. Choose an interface that personally matches your preferences and doesn’t distract your play.

Watch Out for Tight Machines

Tight machines are slots that payout less frequently compared to loose ones. If you are playing through a regulated site, there’s no cause for alarm. However, if you’re on a losing streak, stop playing. Consider taking a break or switching games immediately. 

Most licensed and reputable online pokies ensure that tight machines are non-existent. Note that it’s still imperative to perform checks by reviewing the RTP to determine a high maximum return game.

Take Your Pokie Prowess to The Next Level

Once you understand all the provided tips and tricks, playing pokies will become easier this year. Don’t rush to select any game unless you know the available bonuses and providers. Most importantly, always remember to bet big for good returns this year.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor