Top 10 Mobile Apps to Train Your Poker Skills



Poker is considered a game of luck but without the right strategy you won’t be able to get the best of fortune. It’s also important to practice, learn to analyze an in-game situations and remember all the possible card combinations. If you are playing poker on online casinos make sure you choose best USA online casinos that are reputable and safeguards both your money and information. So with the assistance of gambling experts from Exycasinos, we picked the best apps that will help you to master poker.

  1. Bravo Poker Live

A useful app that keeps the player updated on all of the information in the world of poker, including room and wait for lists of the poker room, promotions, live games and tournaments. Players can quickly see information about their favorite poker rooms just by clicking “favorites.”

  1. Poker Fighter

This application allows the player to play poker games with real players and get fast responses from professional players. It is also useful for instructing the risks and on how to perceive weak vs strong hands.

  1. Poker Copilot

One of the best things in Poker Copilot is the HUD (head-up display), which allows the player to see the opponent’s data. It can help beginner players to discover their leaks and fix them. Lastly, Poker Copilot can track all of your results, including the opponent’s, and then study them.

  1. Tournament Poker Coach

Allows the player to learn risk-free ways in playing. Just like Poker Fighter, it allows the player to play poker games with real players then get evaluated by coaches. The difference is, you can earn rewards for each hand they play right.

  1. PokerGuide HD

Guides the players on how to play Poker. It also has six main features:

  • Poker Hands: an official poker hand rank from best to worst. Displays a short description and an animated example of the hand the player will click.
  • Poker Rules: displays three-game rules of your choice (Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Five Card Draw.)
  • Poker Terms: explains basic poker terms alphabetically.
  • Poker Tips: Divided into three levels that provide useful information to help the player play better.
  • Standing Hand Chart: shows you which hand you should play and how to play them.
  • Blind Timer: helps you organize your next Poker Home Game.
  1. How to Play Poker

A useful app for beginners and intermediate players. Provides a “cheat sheet” that gives you an overview of the game poker.

  1. Texas Hold’em Poker Pro

One of the most popular poker games out there. It has free tables for all levels of ability. After you are done with the tutorials, you can now play against real players. This app also has a live feature chat wherein you can communicate with other players as well.

  1. SnapShove

Has a precise built-in calculator app that allows you to make the right decisions. You can also access the full training tool to improve your gameplay. Furthermore, some of the world’s top poker players use this app.

  1. Poker Helper

A simple, yet very effective application to help you make the right decisions. This app helps you play the right hands by calculating the odds when you enter any card combinations. Also, it considers all the factors of the game.

  1. Poker Omaha Hand Trainer

This app allows you to play better in the game. The rank of hands and winning combinations are shown, plus, there is a practice mode wherein you can try out the game for yourself.

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Guest Contributor