Poker Games to Look for in Live Online Casinos



There are a wide variety of different live poker versions out there. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular ones on the web right now!

Ultimate Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ‘em has always been on the hot list of the gamblers’ society. And, no wonder why. The ease of play and simplicity of rules are fascinating for newbies, as well as for veteran players. The same is true for the online live casino variant of the game. The only exception is that in online live mode, you bet against the house instead of other players.

As for the rules, there are two different types of cards: hole cards and community cards. The two hole cards are dealt face-down, while the five community cards are dealt face-up respectively in three rounds. The stages include the flop (involving three cards), the turn (involving the fourth community card) and the river (involving the final community card).

An added benefit of this live poker game that you must watch out for is the bonus bet that you can use to entice the dealer to fold. If you manage to end with a higher-ranked hand till the dealer folds or the rounds come to an end, you win the pot. In other cases, you may end up with a tie or a loss.

Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet

With this, you will feel a rush of added excitement. It is an optional side bet and gives you the chance of becoming the potential winner of arguably the biggest live casino jackpot in the world. It pays uncapped on a 7-card straight flush. But, the story doesn’t end here. There are many other fixed prizes to look for. For example, you can place a bet on a straight or flush.

The value of the prize grows with each round till you carry it off. The best part of the online live casino experience is that all these jackpot prizes may belong to you whether you fold or end with a split-pot.

Side Bet City

Side Bet City is yet another exciting live online casino thriller. Here, you’re competing with the dealer who deals seven cards spread across three different rounds. After you place your bet, the dealer will deal the first three cards. If you are lucky enough to make a pair or two, you get a payout depending on the size of your bid.

In the next round, an additional two cards get added and the worth of your poker hand depends on securing a pair of jack or more. In the third round, your seven-card hand must pull off three-of-a-kind or more cards from the same suit to take home the win.

The game is among the simplest online live poker options out there. All you have to do is to place a bet, secure a pair of similar cards in the first round, a pair of jacks in the second, and more than two cards from the same category in the third. The odds are easily calculable which is yet another attraction for the seekers of simplicity. Besides, despite being in live online mode, the game never fails to strike a chord with traditional gamblers by closely mimicking the classic style. Yes, reminiscent of Los Vegas in the ’80s!

2 Hand Casino Hold ’em

A new and unique Two-Hand Casino Hold ’em live casino experience will make you feel the rush of excitement. At this live online poker destination, you will get two full chances to win on two hands against the house. You also receive a bonus bet that you can use if desired. What a day for poker lovers!

Let’s lay out the set of rules to get a better hold of it. It is similar to Texas Hold ‘em in the sense that it goes through the same three stages. However, it stands apart by engaging two hands instead of one at a time.

To begin, the players have to place an ante on either or both hands and have the option to place one or both available bonus bets. Then, the dealer spreads two hole cards and three community cards during the flop to be held in each of the players’ hands. At this stage, the dealer raises the bet that can be called or folded. If you call it, you will receive two more community cards in each hand and the game will move on. Once it gets past the river, a showdown begins where the best poker hand is hailed as the winner.

Besides all other features, what you may truly love about this online variant is an added chance of winning. Indeed, if the dealer ends with less than a pair of fours, you are declared the winner, regardless of the rank of your hand.

Three Card Poker

As the name implies, Three Card Poker revolves around the suspense of combinations involving three cards only. The game can be played for free at the Winvio Live Casino. After ante and play wagers are in place, the dealer spreads three cards face-down. After that, the player may choose to fold or continue to play. If a player folds, it follows no action on wagering. If the player calls, it leads to comparing the hands to resolve the bets accordingly.

Similarly, as the players raise, the dealer may decide whether to fold or keep it rolling. As the dealer decides to play, players have to show off their cards to see who carries the best hand to decide the winner. The dealer must secure queen-High to ensure a qualifying hand.

In the live online version, you can place bets on other possible scenarios as well. This includes pair, flush, straight, or straight flush to grab more chances of winning regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Bottom line

To sum up, live online poker variants of traditional games continue poker’s rich legacy built around entertainment, fun, thrill, and excitement. Aside from being able to enjoy everything from the comfort of your home, you can lay your hands on a multitude of perks. With bonus bets, eye-catching visuals added pace, promotions, and many other benefits, the online live experience sounds comparatively more captivating and addicting.

Scott Long

Scott Long