What Online Slot Machines Give the Biggest Returns?



Online slots have become hugely popular in the past few years, but how do you know which ones are best?

With so many of these games to choose from, it makes sense to find a way to see which of them are likely to give you the biggest returns.

Check the RTP

The return to player (RTP) is a crucial figure for any casino game. This is the percentage of the overall wagers received that they expect to pay out. So, if all of their players wager $100,000 between on a slot with a 90 percent RTP, they should pay out $90,000 in winnings.

This is a different way of looking at the house edge, as an RTP of 90 percent really means a house edge of 10 percent. Therefore, the higher the RTP the lower the house edge and the greater your chance of winning.

We need to take the law of large numbers into account here, too. This law tells us that the bigger the sample size, the more chance we have of reaching the average result. In the case of a slots game, the RTP is worked out over millions of spins.

If you only play a single spin, there is no way of knowing whether you will win or lose. With 100 spins, you should be closer to the RTP. If you were to play thousands of spins, you would expect your results to be very close to the RTP.

Have a Look at the Volatility

We have just seen that the RTP is a useful number to know, but it is of limited value if you only play a small number of games. In this case, knowing the volatility level too can be of help.

A high volatility slot will typically have large prizes, but you may go for spells without a win. A low volatility game will have smaller prizes but wins should come along more frequently. Therefore, you should choose the volatility level that fits with your bankroll strategy and your overall aims.

While the RTP is usually shown in the slot’s information page or paytable, the volatility isn’t always noted. However, you should be able to see this detail by looking at the developer’s website or checking out a few reviews of the game.

A Few Titles to Consider

Now that we have covered the basics, it is time to consider how a few of the most popular slots fit in. Which of these games should you be looking to play to try and win some cash? With new slots releases coming out regularly, you could look for the latest new games or else check out the details of some classics. Check out TwinSpires Edge list of biggest wins ever in slot machines.

Da Vinci Diamonds from IGT is one of the most-played slots thanks to its slick design and simple gameplay. The paytable tells us that the RTP can vary between 92.55 percent to 96.37 percent. The volatility level isn’t mentioned in the slot itself, with most online reviews classing it as medium, but some of the opinion that it is on the high side of medium.

Wolf Run is also from IGT, and in this case the RTP is 94.98 percent. The largest possible payout is 1,000x your bet and it is classed as being medium volatility. Another popular slot is Monopoly Big Spin from SG Digital. This game is based on the classic board game that has spawned a huge number of spin-offs, and it gives an RTP of 95.7 percent. It has lots of features and a big jackpot to aim for, with a medium level of volatility.

Among the low volatility slots worth a look at is Starburst from NetEnt. With a high RTP of 96.09 percent, this game has attracted a lot of players who want to win regularly and perhaps aren’t too bothered about trying to win huge prizes.

It is really down to personal taste whether you aim for a giant jackpot or play a slot that helps to keep your bankroll ticking over with modest but regular wins. With themes for every type of player, you are sure to find something perfect.

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Guest Contributor