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Whether you’re looking for some mindless entertainment to keep you occupied, have grand plans for winning big, or have simply got the gambling itch, we’ve rounded up the best online gambling slots sites for your perusal. Each has its own pros and cons, depending on what you’re looking for – so read on to find the one that takes your fancy and you may even score yourself some big wins along the way!


If you are in the position of trying to play slots, there’s a range of slot games out there, and takes the time to test out and review a diverse range of them. Each month, the team – which is made up of casino game lovers and gambling regulars – tests out up-and-coming slots games to review them for future players, looking at price points, payment gateways, the quality of games available, and accessibility, to help identify the best online casino slots sites. They also list Genesis in their top 10.

With a vast array of casino games to choose from, Genesis Casino is one of the most popular out there. Fully optimized for use on mobile phones, this site is one of the best slots sites to access on the device of your choosing. The pay-outs on this site are relatively speedy, and the bonuses are substantial (providing you meet the Ts and Cs), making it a top choice for many.

In terms of the bonus structure, whilst there are generous spin options for players to access, it’s important to read the small print, as there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to access your winnings – some things aren’t as good as they first appear.

Mr. Spin

An excellent all-rounder, Mr. Spin contains fun games that are straightforward to play and unique to the site. It offers high-paying jackpots, and – best of all – it allows anyone and everyone to be a winner, with even the lowest bets accruing wins. An additional plus point of this website is the high-level mobile functionality, meaning it can be accessed across a range of different devices, dependent on your needs. In terms of bonuses, the website provides a fantastic range, including, but not limited to, a free spins bonus that each person obtains upon signing up to the site, which requires zero deposit, making it all the more appealing!

As the name of the site suggests, is the home of many different casino-style games. It’s their slots games, however, that they have become particularly well-known for recently. It’s important to state that, while the site provides excellent bonuses, large pay-outs, and a top selection of slots for you to choose from, the processing time required to obtain your winnings is excessive (well, for some, anyway): while your winnings will be processed into your account almost immediately, to withdraw those winnings can take over 48 hours. Nevertheless, the tantalizing 200 free spins and a 100 percent matching deposit bonus should be enough to draw most avid slots gamers to their site!

The Sun Vegas

With an excellent selection of games available, The Sun Vegas is sure to alleviate your boredom and keep you busy! As one of the best slots sites, it’s easy to find a game that is fun, fair, and simple to play, with the title options almost never-ending. The welcome bonus far exceeds those offered by other sites, lending itself to the site’s popularity. Another gigantic plus point of this site is the loyalty scheme, which all players are automatically enrolled in upon making their first deposit. Any points you earn throughout your exploits on the site can be converted into cash, which sounds pretty great, right? Although it can take up to a fortnight to have your pay-outs processed, there are a number of progressive jackpot slots, increasing your chances of earning big.


PlayOjo is widely considered the best slots site, and for good reason. Not only does it offer a superior selection of exciting slots games that can be played across a range of devices, but it is also one of the best sites to play on if you want to win big! Feel like cashing in on all of your winnings at once? Well, this is the site on which to do that. Unlike many slots sites, where withdrawal limits are set and processing of payments can take days to weeks, PlayOjo allows you to withdraw any amount all at once. This applies to bonuses, too, which are (handily) paid in real-time. However, perhaps best of all, there are no wagering requirements to contend with, meaning that you can wager as high or low as you wish, and still earn a decent pay-out. Be mindful of the fees you may be required to pay, as this goes towards PlayOjo working alongside big software companies – these fees are worth it in the long run, though, so don’t be put off!

These are the best slots sites that are live at the minute, each offering their own unique selling points for avid gambling fans to play through and enjoy. So, why not check them out today, play slots, and try your luck?

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Guest Contributor