3 global trends that are transforming the online gambling world



The world of gambling is going through some changes, some of these transformations are to benefit the player and some are simply being executed to keep up with the current technology. 

Whether you prefer slots or table games, these new trends will (positively) affect your play and ultimately enhance it. Keep reading to find out more about these new updates and trends.  

  1. Newer games for more exciting play

We have all heard of the classic table games such as blackjack or roulette, but providers like online casino NZ are offering plenty of choices for new players who want to explore new games. 

Games that have new concepts, themes, and rules are more popular than ever, and now this has been made more accessible and more exciting. 

Whether you want to play a drop and win game, or you are more interested in jackpot games with a twist, you can find a whole myriad of game types that will be sure to grab your attention.   

  1. Stricter rules for safer play 

In the UK, the online gambling world now faces stricter rules and limitations on slot games to protect players from potentially excessive play or online confusion. 

Restrictions on spin speeds will be implemented, as well as removal of features that celebrate defeats as wins and that quicken play. All to enhance the user’s experience and give more control to the player. 

For providers, there are also increased rules for online gambling. For instance, operators have to show the player’s total wins, losses and game duration. This is thought to make it easier and more convenient for the player to view their stats and position in the game. 

Another limitation that will come into force is the ban of reverse withdrawals for online providers. Reverse withdrawals encourage players to re-gamble funds that the player had requested to withdraw. This will remove the option to divert funds back into the game and therefore give players more control over their winnings.

The reason for the extensive focus on slot games is due to the intensity and immersive nature of the games that have the highest average losses per player of online games. These limitations have been implemented for the player’s safety and to give users more control of their play. 

  1. Changes to player’s habits  

With the rise in smartphones and the ease of accessibility to the internet, operators are now focusing on the popularity of F2P (free-to-play) gaming. 

This free-to-play gaming is especially accessible for players who use their phones for gambling, as this is more focused on entertainment and interaction rather than serious gameplay. 

However, players will often upgrade their free version for a paid version that will offer better features or elements that will enhance their experience and result in a potentially better performance.

Operators are capturing this potential, and you may start to see many more free-to-play games being offered in the next few months. 

Bottom line

These are just a few emerging trends in the gambling industry, and with constantly advancing technologies, there is always a new and exciting trend in this huge industry.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor