Top 4 Alternative Games to Traditional Betting



Are you looking for new sports to bet on? Tired of the traditional games such as football and baseball? We will list some up and coming sports to bet on that breaks away from the tradition


As online gaming and streaming have been taking off over the past few years, so has the tournaments associated with them.

Esport betting is typically associated with fantasy-like games. First-person shooters are a very common form of Esport. It is typical for professional Call of Duty or Fortnite players to participate in tournaments.

Sports betting has taken wind of the rise in online gaming tournaments and offers to bet on many of the tops players in first-person shooter games.


Political betting has risen in popularity over the last few years and so has political betting. It has become a common form of betting to the point that elections such as the one in the United States can be betted on from the primary stage.

This means that people can not only bet on who they think will become the president but they can also bet on who they think will win or lose the primary elections. Betting in the primaries comes with a lower chance of winning but it does offer a higher win reward. Most betting houses offer betting on elections in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Many people have taken a liking to reality TV over the past two decades. There has also been a rise in many new reality TV shows. You may be familiar with the common ones such as Survivor and Big Brother. Today there are many different reality tv shows that air every year.

You are also able to bet on reality TV. Some of the common shows to bet on are American Idols and the Bachelor. However, the list of shows that betting houses offer is rather large. You can find a show that you are very familiar with to bet on.

Bookmakers will only give betting options on live reality TV shows. This is because it is common for winners are losers to be known before a show has been aired. That would allow a lot of people to find out what the outcome of a show will be and attempt to make bets to win money.

Virtual Sport Betting

Another form of online game betting is virtual sports. Virtual sports are the same as real sports but played as video games. Just like ESports, large tournaments exist for virtual sports.

The most popular yirtual sports are FIFA and Madden. However, you can bet on a large list of virtual sports such as NHL, NFL, and NBA2K. Bookmakers have a large list of virtual sports betting to choose from so you will be able to find a sport that you are most interested in if you wish.

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