The Most Beautiful Poker Rooms From Around The World



Many of us enjoy the simplicity of a game of poker online. You can play from the comfort of your computer chair or even your sofa if you want to. Drinks are always on the house, you can pause for snacks, there are no staff to deal with and the casino only closes when you decide. However, much as the conveniences of playing poker online are many, there is something undeniably special about playing poker in a particularly beautiful location. Here are some of the most spectacular poker rooms from around the globe.

King’s Casino, Rozvadov

King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic holds the record for being the largest poker room in Europe. Sure, bigger doesn’t always mean better, but in the case of King’s, it definitely does. This casino is owned by the famous, and hugely successful poker player, Leon Tsoukernik. While many casinos are owned by wealthy businessmen, having the insight of a great poker player really helps to cater the casino to the poker-playing crowd. If you’re after no-limit tables, then you’ll be well catered for at King’s. All of the tables here are high limits and if you want to go higher then all you need to do is ask a member of staff. The main floor features more than 200 poker tables, so whatever you’re wagering, there’ll be a game going on that will cater to your needs.

Like Caesar’s, King’s Casino also offers a VIP package. The VIP Salon offers all casino games depending on what you ask for. If you want to book out the whole salon to yourself and only play slot machines then they can make that happen for you, but of course, we all know we’d be after poker. High-stakes poker games are able to take place in complete privacy thanks to a separate, private entrance, as well as a specialist bar. As though your own bar wasn’t enough, you can even visit a full bathroom, complete with a claw foot bath, or request a professional massage, or simply slink off to the sauna. There aren’t a lot of poker rooms that come with their own spa service, but with sore shoulders after a long tournament, it really does make perfect sense.

Caesar’s Casino, Cairo

Although some of the best VIP casinos for Arabic players can be found online, Caesar’s Casino in Cairo manages to hold its own against the online giants. Online VIP programs as listed on tend to offer more generous loyalty bonuses than bricks-and-mortar establishments, and they can even assign personal managers to their most valued players. However, Caesar’s has set up their own VIP program, which doesn’t seek to compete with the online variety, but rather compliment it. The VIP experience at Caesar’s allows you to enjoy gaming on the main floor if you so choose to, or entry via a private entrance to the VIP room, where high roller tables and an exclusive members-only lounge can be found.

The high roller tables feature the highest gaming limits in the city and the views from the tables are almost so good that they’re in danger of being distracting. Looking out over the river Nile and the Great Pyramids while holding a winning hand is an experience that anyone would struggle to forget. The lounge also boasts a lengthy menu of cocktails made in-house, of which the Spiced Chocolate Martini is to die for. Made with high-quality vodka, creme de cacao, Cointreau, and lashings of fresh cream, this is perhaps not the kind of martini that 007 would approve of, but it’s certainly delicious.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

Perhaps the most famous of all the poker rooms, Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio has really earned its stripes. Named after the great Bobby Baldwin, champion of the 1978 World Series of Poker. If you want to play here then you’re going to need a serious amount of disposable income; buy-ins start at $20,000. For those who want a slice of the Bellagio but can’t quite face the eye-watering buy-ins, there are 40 tables to choose from in the main resort, with buy-ins starting at less than $5 on many tables.

Bobby’s room is separated from the rest of the casino and is usually occupied by some of the best poker players in the world. The Bellagio itself is sheer opulence, but the wonder behind Bobby’s room comes with its sense of mystery. The main draw for players here is the promise of absolute privacy. New players appearing after a mini poker boom, hoping to hone their skills can’t simply join a VIP club and enter, apart from the buy-in, background checks are done and the door policy is strict. If you want to experience Bobby’s, you have to be incredibly rich, or incredibly good at poker, but preferably both.

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Guest Contributor