How to Decipher Your Opponent’s Behavior in Poker



Surely many people are familiar with the book Body Language by Allan Pease. Its essence is as follows: by a person’s facial expressions and gestures you can understand his secret thoughts, no matter how he hides them. Equally useful to know body language to those who like to play cards, such as poker, blackjack, or table entertainment in online casinos like Woo Casino. After all, bluffing is an important part of this game. The highest skill of a professional is to disorient an opponent, give him false information with the help of gestures. That is why a professional poker player is not only a mathematician but also a psychologist

Eyes – the Mirror of the Soul. Not in Poker

Many cool poker players sit down to play with dark glasses or special hologram glasses to hide their facial expressions. What to do in that case? Watch your opponent’s face and his facial expressions in general. When there is a problem, all emotions leave the professional, his face becomes impartial, as if unlived. Points are not a panacea, because head or hand movements can also tell a lot.

From theory to practice, let’s talk about what specific gestures or movements of the opponent mean, for example, when playing poker Oasis:

  • Tapping your fingers on the table, nervous aimless movementsat first glance, this indicates bad opponent’s cards. But be careful99 times out of 100 it’s a bluff
  • A handshakeindicates fear or expectation of a strong hand. If your hands are also sweaty or trembling when shaking hands, it’s obviously the first case. But remember, excitement can be caused by a winning combination when your opponent is afraid to spook his luck.
  • If the opponent puts chips on the table too sharply, with a knockhe is bluffing, trying to hide a hopeless combination.
  • The opponent covers his mouth with his handa good sign, his business is not super, and he tries to hide his emotions by covering his face.
  • A tilt of the body forward is a sign of bluffing.
  • A bent back and drooping shouldersbad cards.
  • The opponent is sitting upright, with his back stretched like a stringhe is confident in victory.
  • He leaned back, deliberately relaxeda demonstration of confidence in the absence of a winning deal.

How to Behave During a Poker Game

How should you play poker, so that your opponent can’t read your emotions and build tactics? Control every part of your body by using one of the following methods:

  • Imagine that you are not a player, but a spectator, watching everything from the sidelines. An excellent solution is to invite a friend to the game, who will watch you and point out all your mistakes.
  • Just relax. Especially when you feel fear or excitement.
  • These simple guidelines will help you win the game offline. On our portal everyone can learn how to play: first, read the rules of poker Oasis. The advantages of virtual play are obvious: no one can bluff you, there’s no need to go to the club and you can play at least 24 hours a day.
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Guest Contributor