The 7 Best Beginner Poker Tips for 2021



Every year, online casinos are getting more and more popular. Because during 2020 the infamous coronavirus kept everyone at home, even those who never gambled in life decided to see whether luck is on their side and kill some time in online casinos. If you are one of the rare individuals who still haven’t dipped their toe into these waters, you might need some useful advice before the cards are dealt. With these guidelines, no one at the table will be able to guess that you are just a beginner, and poker might become your favorite pastime.

Use a trustworthy platform

There are so many websites that allow you to play poker with people from all over the world, but keep in mind that it is real money you are playing with. That means you will need to make a deposit by leaving your credit card number or making a transfer through an e-wallet platform. In order to keep your private information safe, make sure you play poker in legit casinos. You can find a list of tested and licensed online casinos on Casino Bros.

Feel free to fold

A lot of beginner players don’t want to fold, so they play every hand and soon end up with an empty account. It is understandable that when you are playing poker you ant to play, and not just sit waiting for others to play their hand, but as you surely know, not every hand will be a good one. Instead of constantly staying in hands that are just not good, deal with the fact that you won’t always be a part of the action, and don’t be afraid to fold.

Don’t mix cards and booze

Poker is nothing like slots, roulette and other games of chance. Poker requires using your brain, coming up with strategies and carefully following the moves of your opponents. When you drink, your mind becomes less sharp and you will end up playing looser, and therefore, losing.

Don’t ‘overbluff’

Bluffing is a tricky mistress. Managing to get away with your bluff and win even if your hand is a complete dud can give you enormous satisfaction and make you feel like you are the most cunning person in the world. However, if you continue to bluff you will end up with one won battle and a lost war. While it is okay to bluff every now and then, it is important to be patient and wait for a good hand to raise the bet.

Leave before it is too late

There will be those games when you will be convinced the lady luck is smiling at you, you’ll keep following and raising and suddenly you’ll realize that you are beaten. Even if you have put a lot of money in the pot, do not play all the way to the end. Instead, back down or you will end up losing even more money. 

Don’t play when you are in a bad mood

Although playing poker can take your mind off of things, you should never play because you’ve had a really bad day. This will lead to a disaster, because you will play emotionally, and not rationally. If you feel like you are not in control of your emotions, take a break until you feel calmer. 

Pick the right game

You have managed to win big in a $2/4 game and you immediately feel ready to jump into a $5/10 game? Hit the brakes before you make a huge mistake. Keep in mind that as the stakes rise, so does the average skill level of the players. It is much better to be the best player at the table than to be a small fish sitting with the sharks.

Playing online poker can be very entertaining, just remember not to deposit money you cannot afford to lose.  

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor