Common Mistakes in Blackjack New Players Tend to Make



Dealers at casinos often witness punters making common mistakes in blackjack that can be tough to witness. With the odds of winning and losing well-known and one of the lowest house odds of any casino game, blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Despite this, many players lose a lot at the tables when following a few tips will get any game back from a losing streak.

Succeeding in Blackjack takes determination, practice and skill. With you have the perfect opportunity to get some practice and perfect your strategy. Have a plan and focus on your ability to win, avoiding these five common mistakes in blackjack that new players tend to make.

Playing without a basic strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular games because it offers one of the lowest house edge bets in a casino. However, to take advantage of this requires you to play the perfect basic strategy. Playing by “instinct” or by guessing makes blackjack a game of random chance, which is not what it is.  You can read strategy guides and try out demo sites for free to practice what you have learned about probability and statistics which determine the best kind of play for each hand so you know when to stand, when to hit or when to fold, without risking any of your own money. If you want a random chance game, try slots or roulette.

Not checking rules of variant blackjack before play

Not all blackjack games are the same. For example, does the dealer stand or hit on a soft 17?  If he hits this reduces the player’s odds of a win, how many decks are being used? The fewer the better, in most cases and check that you can double down after splitting a pair. The difference in the betting odds and rules from the core game that you know could cost you dearly.

Ask about specific rules that will affect your chances of winning: are the odds 6-5 or 3-2? Does the dealer stand on 17 or hit? If you aren’t sure what these terms mean, go read up the rules first before you play. It’s for the good of your wallet – you can thank us later.

Play at a blackjack table that pays 6-5

Casinos are offering more 6-5 tables, though this can be right next to the more traditional and better 3-2 odds. Casinos take advantage of gamblers’ ignorance when offering these odds. What this means is that a $10 bet will pay $15 on blackjack on a 3-2 table, but only $12 on a 6-5 table.  Ask the dealer what the table pays before you start to make sure it is a 3-2 table.

Taking even money on blackjack

You’ve just hit blackjack and the dealer then flips an ace and asks if you want “even money” instead of the typical blackjack odds. Refuse the even-money proposition, since this sort of “insurance bet” does not change the odds of success for you.

Side betting

Side bets are offered at most blackjack tables, promising the chance of betting small to win big. There is a high house edge, which means that you could end up losing a lot of money needlessly over time.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor