Putt your best hand with Stroke of Luck



Winning is all that matters. Very few can become professional gamblers and golfers, but everyone can play Stroke of Luck and win! 

This game, this Stroke of Luck, is the ultimate entertainment for risk takers and is played by many future presidents and dignitaries who find the game to be invigorating and involved. No more sitting at a felt-covered table playing 5-card draw with those gambling dogs from that picture. No sir, you will be standing up, hovering over the ball at tee #6 on the mat, hoping to putt an inside straight without succumbing to the “yips.” That feeling is what Stroke of Luck is all about: putting, betting and winning safely indoors in smallish groups wearing your masks… or not.

Stroke of Luck is perfect for today’s conditions which allow for only small groups of people to gather. Like poker, the game is best suited for two to seven players.  A game by 2Skills, Stroke of Luck combines the best of poker abetted by your skill at putting. Whether your game of choice is 5-card draw, 7-card stud, Blackjack or Texas Hold’em, Stroke of Luck adds a whole ‘nother level of challenge for poker lovers and golfers alike. Players “throw down” their best ball and put their putting skills were their mouth is.


Product: A mat made of semi-suede material available in two different sizes: 3’ x 9’ or 4’ x 12’, Stroke of Luck displays a full deck of cards, four wild cards and six different tee positions. Players select the game of their choice, determine the rules and ante up before each game. The hand you are dealt (putted) is determined by which cards your golf balls land on. Score cards are available (downloaded at 2skills.net) so players may keep track of who putts the winning hand. Players agree on the rules before the game such as what the wild cards will represent and how to handle scenarios such as if the ball rolls off the mat. Look for suggestions on wild cards, basic games and time-tested rules on our website: www.2skills.net

Equipped with a portable, lightweight carrying case that is easy to store, Stroke of Luck may be rolled out on any flat surface in a matter of seconds. Buy it for the family, give it as a gift or just be ready to celebrate with friends when this banal lockdown is lifted.

So, whatever kind of risk taker you are, whether it be chainsaw juggling, Russian roulette or snake-charming (ya just never know), playing Stroke of Luck is a helluva lot safer. Suitable for the beginner at poker or the more experienced player or putter, you’ll be able to play indoors and out with Stroke of Luck. This game was made for intrepid players… or kids for that matter.

Order your game today by visiting 2skills.net. 

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor