10 Most Beautiful Female Poker Players



A blend of beauty and brains is a sight to behold, especially if a hand of cards is matched with a fresh poker face. It is even more fixating in a poker room. Several women have defied the norm by winning record amounts in recent years, introducing a new generation of successful and hard to beat female poker players.

This list offers a glimpse of the 10 most exceptional poker women.

1.  Maria Ho

A simple description of Maria Ho would be a Poker Hall of Famer, commentator and an alluring human being who has proved that her skill set matches that of the big boys. Being in the professional scene since 2005 has earned her a top position amongst the most adroit poker players. Ho is ranked amongst the top 200 poker players of our generation. Her earnings go beyond the $4 million mark. Among her highest moments in the game was finishing 38th among 6,358 participants in 2007 when she won $237,865 in a single day. Her current peak status in TV is no surprise, considering her unparalleled milestones in poker.

2.  Liv Boeree

Popularly known as the Iron Maiden, Liv Boeree has earned rare eminence. She credits her ascent to the expert training she received from her coaches Phill Hellmuth and Annie Duke, both of whom are professional poker players. Part of her achievements is winning the $10,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em Championship. The exemplary performance saw her grasp a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2017, becoming the first female to win the prize. She proved herself again in 2008 by winning the championship in the European Poker Tour. Her total earnings of about $3,852,996 certify her dominance in the game.

3.  Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany Michelle, the queen of screens, was in many Hollywood scenes long before her active acting career. She earned herself a name in the world of poker in 2008 when she was ranked 17th out of 6,844 during the World Series of Poker Main Event. This stunning lady is also talented in music and reality shows. She worked alongside Maria Ho in their 2009 team on The Amazing Race. The two are best friends who often contest against each other in major poker games.

4.  Kimberly Lansing

Kimberly Lansing is also a TV personality who finds passion and fortune in playing poker. She is a journalism graduate and an alumnus of the University of South California. Her beauty leaves tongues wagging, but it is her poker prowess that runs circles around everyone. These are the strengths that attracted magazine and TV show producers.

5.  Lacey Jones

Lacey Jones is famous just as she is attractive. Apart from poker, the multi-talented women is exceptional in fashion modeling and hosting television shows. Her modeling career at Nike Golf was one of the highest point of the beauty queen’s career. However, it is poker that puts her at the zenith of her professional run. Among her best moments in poker include winning $9,000 and $15,000 in 2018 at WSOP tournaments. Her husband, Keith Gipson, is also a famous poker player.

6.  Sophia Lövgren

Sophia Lövgren is a champion in online and offline poker games. Her gaming career started with online games in which she made heavy investments in speculation for great earnings. Her record includes winning 11 World Series of Poker tournaments, which placed her atop the best players in Europe. Her total earnings in poker are about $400,000.

7.  Kara Scott

Born in Canada, Kara Scott is one of the most successful female poker players in our day and age. The media personality is also famous for her rather intoxicating physique and interviewing prowess. In poker, she has earned herself a title through lucrative earnings. Amongst other decorations in her poker career is winning $41,000 in the 2008 World Series of Poker and earning $415,381 in 2009 during the PaddyPowerPoker.com Irish Open.

8.  Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso is one of the biggest beneficiaries of professional poker in the world. She has accumulated more than $3.5 million through her record wins. Among her top moments in the game is winning $700,160 during the 2009 European High Roller Championship. She has also made a meaningful contribution to the poker community by assisting in overturning and creating numerous laws that affect the game.

9.  Lauren Kling

In the same category of female poker players past the $300,000 mark in earnings is Lauren Kling. This poker champion inherited her father’s gambling hobby and used it to establish dominance over competitors.

10. Christina Lindley

Christina Lindley is a perfect example of a beautiful and brainy woman in poker. Having accumulated over $500,000 in earnings, she glides amongst the greatest poker champions of all time. Among her noteworthy wins include earning $112,590 at the Paris Main Event of 2013. Her immense contribution to society through charity events reveals her kind nature and motivation in pursuing great wins.

After this list it may be difficult to answer who’s your favorite female poker player, the truth is that these are all phenomenal women!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor