Why do more people choose online casinos over bookies?



Online betting has to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the past couple of years. People have been betting on sports and playing casino games for many years. Those of you who fall into this category remember the days when the only way to enjoy our hobby was to visit land-based casinos and betting shops.

Nowadays, people can enjoy their favorite hobbies online. In other words, you are free to play your favorite casino game whenever you feel like it. What’s more, almost every betting operator also has a mobile website or an app, which means that you can access everything on your smartphone and tablet.

Even though betting on sports is prevalent, it seems like online casinos are slowly surpassing bookies in terms of customers. Although no one can say why this is happening, we wanted to point out a few reasons why some people prefer playing casino games to punting on sports.

The casino games are somewhat more exciting

Betting on your favorite sports can be fun, there is no arguing that. Even if you’re not a fan of traditional bookies, there are ways to have full control of your betting session. Also known as betting exchanges, those places allow you to determine the odds and how much money you want to bet.

Despite that, once you take a look at the different casino games, you will discover tons of opportunities to have fun. Most casinos have thousands of slots, table games, and games with live dealers that you can experience whenever you feel like it. This means that you can always try out something new.

Most casinos have way more attractive bonuses

One of the primary advantages of betting online is the fact you will have access to numerous bonuses. Even though there are some pretty sweet offers for sports, most casino rewards blow them out of the water.

Usually, the promos for the casino allow customers to receive more bonus funds. Furthermore, there are things like free spins, which enable you to experience most slots for free and even win something.

However, most casino bonuses have higher wagering requirements than those for sports, which you need to keep in mind before claiming a given promo.

Typically, online casinos allow their clients to use more payment methods

We’ve noticed that most online casinos provide their clients with more deposit and withdrawal options than the sportsbook. We’re talking about the websites that only offer one of the two things.

Regardless of what you like to bet on, you should find some of the most popular e-wallets and credit cards. Yet, those of you who want to use cryptocurrencies will have to go to an online casino because most websites that are focused on sports betting don’t provide these options.


Regardless of what we’ve said, we think that online casinos and bookies are fantastic. That’s why one of the best things that you can do is to find an operator that offers both of those things.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor